Week 110: December 14, 2015: Last Letter

Well, Saturday has officially marked my 25 months of being a full-time missionary. 25 months have come and gone. It’s a strange thing to suppose. Never thought I would reach this point, that’s for sure.

To sum up the week, we had our lesson with Sandra Tuesday evening, which has been the first time in about three weeks that we met with her. We had the lesson in the Richen’s home and we also had brother Hale with us during the lesson as well. We started off by sharing “A Savior is Born” and based the lesson around the “Why” of Christ’s birth and taught of His pre-ordained mission as the Savior and Redeemer of the world, His earthly mission and His atonement, and why that is important. We taught this more for Makayla and Abel’s understanding’s sake than Sandra’s. But we later on share the other video that is also on christmas.mormon.org which is “Why we need a Savior.” We invited them to attend the Mesa Temple lights and if all goes well, we should be going with them tonight after 6:30 PM.

Wednesday was Transfer meeting and I believe that this was truly inspired. So I am only here for an additional week, so I am now in a trio with Elder Sites… and Elder Wolfe. Yup. They put the “Wolf” and the “Fox” together. I am convinced that this was inspired. Elder Wolfe has been out for three months and is from Denver, Colorado. And he’s really awesome. He and Elder Sites will be good together.

Overall, this week we have seen a couple of cool miracles. We have tracted into a few people that have potential to be real investigators, which is great. Friday after Weekly planning, Elder Wolfe and Elder Sites had to go to a new missionary meeting from 1:00-4:00 PM and so I just went on splits with a priest and did work, which was a lot of fun. Nothing too miraculous, but it was just good, fun, missionary work. And we just picked up three new investigators Sunday night. How that came is we have been trying to get in and meet with the Menarchin’s (potential investigators in Desert Ridge ward) for the longest time and we came by Sunday evening and their oldest daughter who is in college – Autumn – answered the door and she was the one that got Baptized several months ago. And so she walks outside and starts talking to us for a bit, and then the mom walks out too and we start talking for a bit and then she says, “Well, dinner is now ready and you are more than welcome to join us if you’d like.” We certainly did not turn down that opportunity, so we came in and had dinner with them and asked if we could share a message with them afterwards. We start by sharing, “A Savior Is Born” and bearing testimonies of the Savior and reading scriptures on Christ from the Book of Mormon. We follow-up on if they read the Book of Mormon and they have not yet. So we invited them to read Alma chapter 7 as a family and to pray about it and pray about the Book of Mormon to find out if it is true. The nice thing is that Autumn is staying there for at least a month since she is on Winter break from college now so she will be there to encourage and everything. Autumn talked to us after the meeting and was shocked and had no idea her mother or siblings would be as interested as they were. Just goes to show that you really never know until you invite and ask.

We’ve got a good last few days lined up. We got the Temple lights tonight, we got a lesson with Sandra tomorrow night, and I’ll be going on a lot of exchanges/splits with other missionaries/priests. Should be good!

It’s crazy to think that I am just at the end though. It’s almost sad. I truly understand why missionaries refer to going home as “dying” now. Because it isn’t dying, it is far from it, but man, it certainly does feel like dying. It’s just the pressure of how little time there really is. As I reflect on my mission, it is hard to believe I am where I’m at. It has been a roller coaster of up’s and down’s and it has taught me so much about life. It seems like there has always been a spiritual battle leading up to this even back when I was first working on submitting my papers to go on a mission. Despite the battles, I know that God has been ever merciful unto me and unto all those around me. And He always is there. Christ’s Arm of Mercy is extended towards ALL who will simply come unto Him.

I have a testimony of this Gospel and of Christ’s Restored Church here upon the earth. I know that we do have Prophets that are led and guided by our Savior, Jesus Christ. He truly is at the helm. We live in a time as prophesied in which good would be called evil and evil would be called good and because God loves us, he communicates to us this day. There is a lot of misery and a lot of sadness that comes with the world that can sometimes be associated with happiness. But wickedness never was happiness. The only way to find true and everlasting happiness is through acceptance of the Gospel which Christ taught.

Throughout my mission, I have met many, many, many people that have fallen away, have apostatized, or have lost their testimony in God. And the overall theme I find with these people is that something has happened in their life, whether it is a terrible tragedy or a lot of stress or what have you, that has caused them to forget the fundamental doctrine that God loves them and is their Heavenly Father. The Adversary tells them they are not loved, they are not cared for, and that leads them to stop believing in God altogether; because they would rather have no God at all than a God that doesn’t love them. And thus by turning away from them, all they feel is bitterness and sadness… even dreams get affected by it. By turning away from God, they end up turning away from the One who could heal them.

Never turn away from God. That is the absolute worst thing anyone can do in times of difficulty. God loves you. He loves each and every one of us. He knows you by name. That is why he provided a Savior for us. That is why He has given us the ability to pray. And He wants us to pray and to communicate with Him. And He will answer your prayers. We just need to patient in His timing, but He DOES answer them. And when the answer does come, we MUST be obedient to the prompting of the Holy Ghost. With His guidance, we can overcome all things. I know that is true because I have experienced it myself. I know that the Savior is there for us. That He will guide us and protect us in all things. This Christmas Season, let us remember that He is the gift God gave to us, and let us ask ourselves, “What gift will I give to the Savior?” As you do so and as you act upon that question, you will be blessed. I know that Jesus Christ lives today. And because He lives, we too shall live. And this I say in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Love, Elder Foxx


Back: Elder Grayson, Elder Martin, Elder Barr, Elder Conover, Elder Sites, Elder Marler, Elder Foxx Front: Elder Briscoe (got transferred from Australia because his visa expired), Sister Olsen, Sister Junod, Sister Cowan, Sister Wells


“Your son and his companions at church today. He is excited to see you soon. He has been an awesome missionary and we will miss him.” Pam Walton, Madero Ward


Elder Foxx, Jacob Boyd, Elder Sites, Elder Grayson, Elder Barr


Elder Wolfe, Elder Foxx, Elder Sites


My milk expires when I do… 😦


Week 109: December 7, 2015: It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

So this week has been quite the blur. We haven’t been able to get a hold of Sandra for the longest time , but luckily she did text back to us and we FINALLY have a lesson set for next Tuesday evening. And she and her two kids were there at church yesterday, which was great to see.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere we go. Decorations are going up like crazy and it seems that this year a lot of people have gone the easier route and have chosen to purchase lasers to just shine on their houses. And just about everywhere we go, we are trying to share the message that A Savior Was Born for each and every one of us and what that means to us.

Friday morning was the Departure Temple trip for the missionaries departing in December. Aaaaand I missed it. The session was at 10:00 AM and the plan was to have someone ride me there at 9:15. He got there at 9:22 and then we got at the parking lot at 9:55. We booked it in and of course there’s a long line to scan in the temple recommend. And then when we go to change clothes, the person I was with forgot to bring white temple pants. So needless to say, the session already started by the time we got there, which stressed me and depressed probably a lot more than it should have. We ended up just going to the 10:45 AM session, but completely missed seeing all the other missionaries and the mission president and his wife and all that. So that was sort of a bitter-sweet moment.

Saturday was interesting. Elder Grayson and I had a little power exchange in the morning and we helped the Moon’s from Santa Rita ward move out. That was an interesting experience that just put everything in full-circle. Back in February 2014, Elder Bailey and I helped move that family in and now in December 2015, Elder Grayson and I help move them out.

Later in the night, we had Madero ward’s Christmas party. It started off as a service by putting together these children’s kits full of blankets, stuffed animals, picture-books, and toothbrushes for needy families. Then there was a dinner and it ended with a skit. We invited a lot of people and a couple of them seemed really solid that they were coming, but then we didn’t see anybody there that we invited, so that was disappointing.

Yesterday was my last Fast Sunday as a full-time Missionary, so I couldn’t help but go up to the pulpit and bear my testimony. It’s weird that time has come this far… the question I get asked is no longer, “How long have you been out?” or “How long until you go home?” It’s a matter of “How many days do you have left?” That is so weird that I am at this point.

Transfer calls came and I’m being transferred for my last week as a missionary… just kidding. As you can expect, nothing is really happening. At transfer meeting, Elder Sites and I will be in a trio for a little bit until I get home. It’s interesting, they’re barely touching the zone this transfer. The only people being transferred in our zone is Elder Shively and Sister Cowan. That’s it. Anyway, it’ll be interesting. Tonight I’ll be going to the Nattress’s home for the departure dinner. It’s crazy to think I’m at that point. It’s so odd… there’s almost like a small hint of fear that comes with going home. Not like I’m afraid of something happening… but… I dunno. It’s very similar to the anxiety and fear that was there before I left for my mission.

Anyway, I hope that all of you have a wonderful week! I hope that all of us will be able to remember the spirit of Christmas this year. I know that Christ was born because of His pre-ordained Mission to save us from our sins and our sorrows. And I know that it is through Him and through obedience to His restored Gospel that we can feel of that love in His fulness and have a desire to share it with others.

Love you all! Be safe! Elder Foxx

Week 108: November 30, 2015: All the Good Stuff

Welp. This week has been a week. I don’t even want to talk about half the stuff that went down, but I suffice it to say that this week has just been a week.

To get to the good parts of this week, Wednesday night before Thanksgiving, the Roberts in the ward were holding a Pre-Thanksgiving Pie Night and so we went there and Sandra was there along with her “fiancé” Mike. So for the first time ever, we finally connected a name to a face and got to meet him. Based upon things we heard in the past, we didn’t really talk about the church at all with him but just talked to him in general just chit-chatting. He is veeeery anti-social. Wouldn’t really talk unless you came to talk to him. But it was good. I think (hope) that night was really good at least on his end and being more open with Sandra going to church and taking the lessons and things like that.

Thursday was of course Thanksgiving. There were loads of people that ended up inviting us over and so since we aren’t necessarily allowed to really proselyte normally in Thanksgiving, we just stopped by different members’ homes. We were well taken care of, that is for sure. Poor Elder Sites was having his first Thanksgiving in the mission and so he had no idea he was going to be feeling as stuffed as he did, haha.

Saturday was really cool because in the afternoon, we went to the Gilbert Temple to see Alexi, Jazlynn, and Alora Arrington get sealed to their parents for eternity. That was really cool to see. That was the first time Elder Sites and I have ever really seen a Sealing Ordinance performed. The ordinance itself was a lot shorter than I expected. Still, it was really awesome! There were a lot of cool things we learned from what the Temple Sealer was teaching before doing the actual ordinance. What’s interesting is that our mission motto has always been, “Find to Teach, Teach to Baptize, Baptize to Seal.” And within a week of being Baptized, we saw, “Baptize to Seal!” Haha! That was quick! It was really neat to see though. The spirit was very much present there and it’s just always great to see the Temple. The last time I saw the Sealing room and waiting room was back during the Open House of the Gilbert Temple so it was nice to see it again.

Now, that’s the sum of the week – at least all the good parts. It’s been very difficult in a lot of other fronts, but I won’t get into that. Thanksgiving has now past and it is now the time for the Christmas season!

So now the church has officially begun their new online Christmas initiative – “A Savior is Born.” As you can imagine, it is a big focus on our efforts much like how “He Is The Gift” was last year – pass-along cards and all. But in the new message, “A Savior Is Born,” it poses a challenge to each and every one of us to discover the “Why.” Why was the Savior born?

To me, I would say that the answer is that the Savior was born for each and every one of us individually. He saw and knew each and every one of us and what we would go through. He knows us by name. And He was born because he saw each and everyone of us and loved us so much that He was willing to be born into a world that would reject him and was willing to suffer more than man could suffer, “that he might take upon him the sins of his people, that he might blot out their transgressions according to the power of his deliverance” (Alma 7:13) And just as this is the Testimony of Alma of old, this is the Testimony which is in me. Jesus Christ was born and though He did die, He lives today.

I hope that all of you have a wonderful week this week and have a wonderful Christmas time!

Love, Elder Foxx

Week 107: November 23, 2015: Happy Thanksgiving!

So last Monday, we had our final lesson with the Arrington’s girls. The lesson was on Service and Missionary Work – both topics that tie very well together. After the lesson, we got everything scheduled up for their Baptismal Interview and for the Baptism itself.

We were going to have a lesson with Sandra that night, but she had to cancel because she wasn’t feeling well. Speaking of which, it seems that for the past two weeks, 95% of the people we visit or come across has SOMEONE in the house that’s sick. Just got that AZ Winter bug, I guess.

Wednesday, we had FHA at the Catmull’s, which is always fun. This was probably my last FHA on my mission unless they have FHA before December 17th. So we’ll see. After FHA, we then went with the zone leaders to the Santa Rita building so they could do the Baptismal Interviews for Alexi, Jazlyn, and Alora Arrington.

Thursday morning, we went on splits from 10:15 Am to about 1:00 PM with Dallin Bacon – who is leaving for his mission to Russia on the end of January. We weren’t able to get anyone else with us that morning, so we just trio’d it up. We basically had a list of people we wanted to go by and we just tracted all the doors of the roads that those people lived in. Didn’t really see much success from it, but we talked to a lot of people, so that’s better than nobody answering or nobody to talk to, haha. Later than night, we had Coordination meeting with Madero ward and most of the topic was on the Arrington’s Baptism and getting that all prepped up.

Friday, I had another appointment with President Hale regarding my foot. And boy, nothing just seems to have been working. There is one procedure he could have done, but it would put me out for a week and I don’t really have a week to spare, so I’ll just wait until after the mission to get it taken care of. It’s nothing super urgent or anything, it’s just really annoying that I’ve been trying to get this fixed since May and nothing has been working.

Saturday was really cool though. At 9:00 AM, we had Dallin Bacon drive us over to the Queen Creek Chandler Heights Stake Center to see in the Seville Groves ward, Liz Stowers FINALLY getting Baptized! I was so happy when Elder Faulkenberry told me that it was finally happening! (he’s been in that area since I left it) Elder Simons came down to see it as well. It was really good to see it finally happen and to see the people from that area again. It feels like it’s been forever since I was last in that area. Yet at the same time, I remember it like it was yesterday when Elder Anderson and I first got that referral in and we knocked on the door and Liz just seemed like the most golden investigator ever apart from her work situation. So I was really happy to see that!

Saturday was also a special day for the Arrington’s because that is when the Alexi, Jazlyn, and Alora got adopted and later at 6:00 PM, they entered into the waters of Baptism and were Confirmed members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. That was really cool to see. It’s been really great teaching those girls, they are very sweet and just absorbed everything. It’s really cool to see how much this really means to them because this day is really the start of a new life – not only with the adoption and leaving behind the life they had before, but being symbolically reborn through Baptism. It was really cool. Sandra Cool and Abel showed up as well, which is great (Makayla didn’t, she was at a slumber party). We really haven’t had much of a chance to talk to them about it, but it was great seeing them there.

So it’s been a pretty good week. This week will be interesting what with Thanksgiving being this Thursday and all the snowbirds are back in town, haha.

In the tradition of Thanksgiving, I figured I’d say that one thing that I am really thankful for is the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ. Because of that one act, it means that each and every one of us can progress, each and every one of us can truly be made clean from anything that we have done in the past. Because of the Atonement, we have someone we can turn to during the good times and the bad. As we celebrate what we are thankful for this Thanksgiving, let us make it a goal not just to be thankful by saying we are, but by truly showing that we are.

Hope you all have a great week and a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Love, Elder Foxx

Baptism of Liz Stowers

Baptism of Liz Stowers Elder Simons, Elder Foxx, Eleanor, Liz, and Spencer Stowers, Elder Vest, Elder Faulkenberry

Arrington Baptism1

Baptism of Jazlyn, Alexi, and Alora Arrington Elder Sites, Jacoby Arrington, Brother Mat Arrington, Elder Foxx, Jazlyn, Alexi, and Alora Arrington

Week 106: November 16, 2015: Burning Suit and Trip to the ER

Welp. This has been a very interesting week. So Monday evening we had a lesson with the Arrington’s and with Sandra Cool. We taught the Arrington’s about Priesthood organization, Ordinances of the Temple, and Family History. The girl’s Baptismal date is set for this Saturday, November 21 at 6:00 PM.

We followed up with Sandra and the kids about going through the chapter in 1 Nephi and marking the verses. And so we had a good conversation about the different specific verses that were marked from each individual person and why they marked them. Aaaaand then the lesson turned right around back to prayer again due to the conversation from all the members at the lesson, haha! But yeah, that’s been interesting.

Then Tuesday evening, we spent the night over at the Persimmon house (Elder Grayson, Elder Barr, Elder Marler, Elder Martin) so Wednesday Elder Grayson and I would go on exchanges to get to the office and Elder Barr and Elder Sites would go on exchanges in the other area. Weeeeeell what ended up happening is at 9:30 PM Elder Sites started complaining about his vision and how it is becoming harder to focus on things and it gives him a massive headache. He took ibuprofen and just played it off as nothing. Then at 11:00 PM he says, “Elder Foxx, you still awake?” I say, “Yeah” and then he proceeds to explain to me that his vision’s gotten way, way worse and his left elbow down to his fingertips are completely numb, his left foot is completely numb, and his mouth and tongue are completely numb and explains that he’s had these symptoms before during 8th grade and one other time during his life and that it was classified as a T.I.A. (or “mini stroke”) And he’s playing this off so nonchalantly and saying, “Yeah, I’m just telling you this so if I freak out in the middle of the night, that’s what’s going on.” And I go, “Um… dude, do you need a blessing?” And he goes, “I don’t know…Nah, I think I’m good.” And then I go, “Are you sure?” Needless to say, I wake up Elder Grayson and Elder Barr, we all agree to call Sister Payne (mission nurse) before giving the blessing and then after telling Sister Payne everything she tells us to call 911 immediately before doing anything else.

I call 911 and literally 60 seconds after ending the call there are four firemen inside the house checking on Elder Sites and about another 60 seconds after that, the ambulance comes with a stretcher and take us to the emergency room. I call Sister Payne again, then call President Nattress, and Elder Grayson and Elder Barr follow the ambulance to the hospital. They did a bunch of different tests such as CAT scans and sticking him in IV’s, etc. So there was a point where the room had Elder Sites, myself, Sister Payne, and President Nattress. When it was all said and done, they diagnosed him with TIA (“mini stroke”) and told him to take baby aspirin (which is what he was on before the mission but then completely forgot to bring it with him to the mission). So we didn’t get home until about 3:00 AM. So that was fun.


So then Wednesday, Elder Sites went with Elder Grayson to the office since he wasn’t allowed to work at all for a day and I went with Elder Barr in his area. But yeah, that was an interesting couple of days.

Then next thing I know I hit my Two-Year mark as a full-time Missionary. Dang… that’s crazy to think. Two years has now passed on by. (It is a tradition to burn a suit coat when you hit 2-years…)


Friday, we then had Elder Foster (Seventy) come and speak to our mission. It was really good, it taught a lot about ways of working in our individual areas to make each ward a “Level 3” ward. (level 3 is defined as a ward in which the vision is caught that the members are the ones doing missionary work and the missionaries are simply there to assist them in this effort and to teach). There was a lot of things he talked about that I don’t necessarily have room to describe, but it was a really, really good meeting.

There was one statistic that Elder Foster noted that I thought was very interesting… a little surprising even. This statistic is only related to active members of the church (those who come to church each week, have callings, etc.) He said that only 50% of active members actually believe God hears their prayers. Only about 45% believe that God answers their prayers. And only about 40% believe He loves them. Those are kind of scary numbers for something so basic and fundamental in the church. I hope and pray that we always remember those basic truths; That God DOES hear our prayers, He DOES answer them, and he DOES love each and every one of us. A large majority of problems that occur in the world come when someone does not know these fundamental truths.

I hope that all you have a wonderful week! Be safe!

Love, Elder Foxx

Week 105: November 9, 2015: Keeping our Promises

So last Monday evening we taught the Arrington’s girls about the 10 Commandments; specifically going over the law of the Sabbath, the law of Tithing, and the law of the Fast.

Then after that, we taught Sandra and her kids and we followed up on the fasting commitment. They did fast… but without a purpose. They forgot about thinking about what they were fasting for. So really they just starved for half a day was what happened. Anyway, what we did this visit was we read 1 Nephi 8 and tried getting them into the habit of marking scriptures and really studying scriptures and pointing out things that stand out to them. And so after reading through it, we invited them to study that scripture again by themselves and mark at least 3 verses each person and then compare who marked which verses, in which we would follow-up with tonight’s lesson.

Wednesday, I had a follow-up appointment with President Doctor Hale to see if the body is taking its natural course in the healing process and so far things are going good, so the next time I see him will be a couple of weeks.

Thursday we had interviews with the Mission President! YAAAY!!! So that was good. This was the fastest he’s gone through interviews though, I got to say. Normally, he doesn’t get finished until 5:00 or 6:00, but he was done with them by 2:00. Everyone’s interview was super quick, which is a little unusual. But my guess is that he had to get out as soon as possible because that night, we had expanded zone conference.

Expanded zone conference is basically like a zone conference mixed with a fireside in a way. Basically a zone conference where members of the wards and stakes of a general area come and receive trainings on doing missionary work. This expanded zone conference seemed pretty poorly attended compared to previous ones though. The last one I’ve been at went all the way back to the end of the cultural hall. This one, the chapel wasn’t even completely filled. And the stakes invited were the Desert Ridge, East Mark, Boulder Creek, and Val Vista stakes.

And then Sunday was of course Stake Conference, which was really good. A lot of the talks seemed to be echoes of previous messages we’ve heard in General Conference, such as simplifying our lives and not complicating the Gospel or our lives with unnecessary clutter. Elder Oaks talked a lot about different forms of missionary work for the most part I’ve noticed, in regards to inviting others to Christ and working with less-active and part-member families.

It was interesting though because we actually had a real proselyting day on Sunday, which I’m not entirely used to, haha. Normally we’re in the church building from 10:00 – 4:30, so this was different. It was good though. We were able to get in with more people that we have struggled getting in with on other days of the week, so that’s been really good. We have a lot of people that have the potential of becoming investigators if we could just get in and consistently teach them… crossing our fingers here.

But yeah, that was pretty much my week. There’s been a bit of talk from some members we’ve talked to regarding the additional church policy of children with same-sex parents. I personally haven’t run across anybody that has mentioned this whatsoever, but I guess every member ever has on Facebook and online and all that stuff.

To be honest, I just don’t see why the policy is even questionable. The likelihood of a situation of a child of same-sex parents wanting to be Baptized into this church is an extreme rarity already and secondly it would be an even greater rarity for the parents to agree for them to be Baptized. And if there were same-sex parents that would have their kids get Baptized into this church, it would be more than likely just to make a statement than anything else.

I don’t really understand the whole debate about it. And from my understanding, it has mostly been members that have gotten upset over it. It’s sad to say, but it leads me to think about the parable of the ten virgins. Half of them were not prepared to meet the Savior. And it’s kind of scary to think that it would be the same for the members of the church. That’s something that has been interesting to see throughout my mission is what little things lead members to apostasy. It’s a scary thing.

All I know is that God has called prophets and apostles in our day who receive direct revelation. This is Christ’s church, He is at the head of it, and it is He who leads it. God loves all of His children. But sin will always be sin. He will never draw away from us. Only we will draw away from him. That’s something I’ve learned a lot from the Book of Mormon in particular. God’s promise he made to Lehi was always there. He always kept his end of the promise that the people would prosper in the land. It was the hardened hearts of the people and their disobedience that led to their natural consequences. And so it is with us. That is why it is so important we always keep our end of the promises we make to him.

I love you all and hope you all have a great week!

Love, Elder Foxx

IMG_6579 IMG_6551

Week 104: November 2, 2015: Officially the Oldest and Longest Out

Halloween has now passed and November is here. Next up is Thanksgiving and time for more craziness and hecticness in everyone’s lives.

Our week was interesting. Monday evening, we taught the Arrington’s the Law of Chastity and Word of Wisdom. Tuesday we had another lesson with Sandra, Makayla, and Abel… and it was interesting. I dunno, we’re kind of just at the point where I had been struggling that entire day just figuring out what to really teach because while there are other lessons about commandments to teach and things like that, I was trying to figure out what we could do to help them in their circumstance. It’s been tough. So I felt the lesson was really rough just trying to figure out really where to go with it. We had a lesson planned out, but it didn’t really come out… in the end, we commited them to fast this fast Sunday for something they personally feel they need help from God with. But I dunno… I just felt the lesson wasn’t all that great.

Wednesday was Transfer meeting and so that pretty much took up all day. It wasn’t until that morning at 9:00 AM that they finally told Elder Grayson if he was being transferred or not (which is ridiculous since the meeting starts at 11 AM). So they finally informed him and he is staying. So there’s that. Gotta say though that meeting was weird. I am officially the oldest (longest out in the mission) missionary in the Arizona Gilbert Mission. The group that I came out with back in November are all home.

Thursday evening, we had a couple things happen. At 6PM we had Desert Ridge ward’s Fall Festival activity. It had a decent turn-out, but nothing too spectacular like I was expecting. Thursday in the day it rained pretty hard and then in the evening around 6:50 or so it started to rain and so everyone had to evacuate the chilli and goodies inside the building.

Then 7PM, Christopher Burke got Baptized! YAAAY!!! It’s been a LONG time waiting! It was a really good Baptism. Elder Grayson, Elder Carpenter, and myself got up and bore our testimonies on Baptism for the “Talk on Baptism.” Brother Evans (Katelynn’s father) did the Baptism and Bishop Peel and brother Donaldson were the witnesses. But seriously, I was so glad to finally see this happen!

Friday evening was Madero ward’s Trunk-or-Treat. And it was kind of the same thing with the attendance at Desert Ridge’s activity. Not too bad, but nothing too spectacular either. Still, it was good, it was fun.

Then Saturday was Halloween. So similarly to last year’s Halloween, they had us over at the Gilbert Temple in the evening and we were specifically told not to proselyte. I mean, I guess going to the Temple for Halloween is fitting anyway. I mean, we feel the presense of the “Holy Ghost,” we are doing work “for the dead.” Seems to be rather fitting, haha!

But yeah, that’s the jist of what’s happened this past week. Now November is here and Elder Sites (from Chicago) is now freezing in this weather. Funny how there didn’t seem to be much of a transitioning period between the weather temperature.

Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful week and that with Thanksgiving approaching that you always ponder and think about what blessings you have been given and why you are thankful for them. God Bless!

Love, Elder Foxx

Jacob Boyd, Elder Grayson, Elder Foxx, Elder Carpenter, Christopher Burke

Jacob Boyd, Elder Grayson, Elder Foxx, Elder Carpenter, Christopher Burke

Elder Barr, Elder Grayson, Christopher Burke, Elder Foxx, Jacob Boyd

Elder Barr, Elder Grayson, Christopher Burke, Elder Foxx, Jacob Boyd

Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween Pumpkin


Trunk or Treat