Preparing for 11-12-13

Today was missionary shopping day for future Elder Skyler Foxx! It wasn’t until he was signing the missionary guestbook at Pomeroy’s that we realized his date to report was 11.12.13. Pretty cool!

Pomeroy’s is a “one stop missionary” shop so we got everything he will need for now until we hear where he is transferring and then will be shopping for a little bit more depending where he goes from Gilbert.

I sneakily took some pictures. On the first one, he turned around and asked “what are you doing?” I innocently said, “nothing- just on my phone.” I didn’t want him to tell me not to take any pictures! Ha! Ha! But he knows better I can’t help it! So here are some pictures…

IMG_1016 IMG_1018 IMG_1019 IMG_1020 IMG_1021 IMG_1022 IMG_1023 IMG_1024

A big thank you to Skyler’s Grandma and Grandpa Foxx for opening up a missionary savings account for Skyler and contributing to it each year since he was born. All of his mission “stuff” has been covered because of it! We feel very blessed!


Mini Mission Answers

Because it has been extremely difficult to get answers about the “mini mission”. I wanted to share what I have finally learned. I really hope that these answers will help someone else as it has been an emotional roller coaster ride for us to receive the answers. Just for clarification I am calling the temporary mission a “mini mission” and the mission that he will receive from the first Presidency the “official mission.”

Q– What is a mini mission?  A– A mini mission is a temporary mission that typically lasts for 2 transfers (3 months). Time served in the mini mission will apply to the official mission.

Q– When can we take our missionary to the temple? A– Because of how it is worded in the church handbook, we will need to wait until after the mini mission and before the official mission transfer to take him to the temple.

Q– How long will he be home after completing the mini mission and then continue to the official mission?  A– He will have approximately one week

Q– Will he serve in the MTC?  A– Yes, after his mini mission and returning home for a week to do the necessary things (temple, purchase necessary things for new mission, being set apart, etc…) he will then report to the MTC. (Initially we were told he wouldn’t.)

Q- When will he receive his official call from the first presidency?  A- When he is serving in Gilbert, it will be mailed to him directly.  (We are hoping and praying the mission President will allow him to Skype us when he receives this so he will still have the traditional (yet non-traditional) opening with his family.)

Q– At one point should he give his farewell talk in his home ward? A– This is up to us. We may want to do it before his mini mission since he won’t be home very long before he needs to leave again for his official mission.

While Skyler is waiting for his official call from the 1st Presidency…

We wanted to start a mission blog for Skyler so we can post updates and letters from his mission. It begins!!!

Close to 6 weeks after Skyler’s mission papers were turned in to Salt Lake, he had still not received his mission call. This has been a test of patience on our whole family. Recently we found out that it will still be a while before he will receive his call from the first presidency. In the meantime, he was given the opportunity to serve a temporary “mini mission” for 2 transfers (3 months) in Gilbert, AZ.

If you are like most people, you probably haven’t heard of a “mini mission”. A mini mission is a regular (local based) temporary mission where he will serve for a shorter time until he receives his official call from the first Presidency. Skyler accepted this assignment and will report directly to the Gilbert, AZ mission on November 12th. When he is finished serving in Gilbert, he should have his call from the first presidency and will transfer accordingly.

This has been a little of a challenge for our family to wrap our brains around as it is breaking from “tradition”. Skyler will not go to the MTC to receive training before he reports to the Gilbert mission. Instead he will be jumping in with both feet and will depend on his mission companion and mission President to train him well in the field. Because of this, we feel that ultimately, he will be more prepared and ready when it is time for him to serve full time.

There is still a lot of questions that are unanswered and will hopefully be answered soon. Once we know more I plan on posting those answers. In the meantime, we would encourage you to follow this blog to keep updated on Skyler’s progress.