Reporting to Gilbert

Because Elder Foxx is beginning his mission in Gilbert, we had the unique opportunity to drop him off at the mission office. I learned quickly this was a big benefit of beginning with a mini mission because we were able to spend time meeting the senior missionaries serving in the office (he is in good hands), taking pictures, giving really good hugs and my favorite- Mom having the honor to put on his missionary name badge for the first time!

Getting out of the car…

IMG_1514 IMG_1515 IMG_1516

Mom putting on Elder Foxx’s name badge…

IMG_1542 IMG_1543

Happy and proud family…

IMG_1522 IMG_1526

Elder Foxx…


Elder Foxx’s schedule for the first 2 days…




We learned that the Gilbert mission covers a little bit of Mesa, all of Gilbert, Queen Creek and Florence.

After we said our goodbye’s we drove by the new Gilbert temple that is going to open real soon. Wow!!!



One thought on “Reporting to Gilbert

  1. I love Gilbert. That is where we lived when we first moved to Arizona. We lived in Finley Farms, neighborhoods between Val Vista and Greenfield, at Warner…I think. Its been so long now. Gosh Skyler looks handsom! Bet it was hard to leave!

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