Week 3: Monday, December 2, 2013; Thanksgiving Week

Thanks again for all the emails and letters you sent! I appreciate each one.Wednesday of this last week, we all woke up at 5:00 AM because at 6:00 AM, we went to go to the Mesa Temple. Elder Wind, went with me to go to baptisms. Thursday was of course Thanksgiving. And it has easily been the busiest day for Elder Parsons and I. What we did was that we made this plan where we filled up every single hour with appointments to visit family members and share the Temple presentation with them. This went really well since there were a few less actives in almost all of the families we visited and two of the visits had quite a few nonmembers there too. What was really cool was that one of the nonmembers was impressed by the video that talked about some of the stuff we did in the Temple such as baptisms for the dead (you can watch the video on mormon.org, it’s called “Why Mormons build Temples”) and really liked the concept of baptisms for the dead. All of the nonmembers we talked to are excited to go to the Gilbert Temple open-house, so that’s really good.


We got pretty stuffed during Thanksgiving actually. We had dinner at 1:00 over at the Clouse’s and then almost every member we visited afterwards ended up feeding us pie. So much so that my companion actually threw up in the second to last family we visited. I felt bad for him at the time, but apparently he considered it an achievement when we got back home.Then on Saturday morning, we had exchanges so Elder Wind joined Elder Parsons and I from the morning until the afternoon. We went over to the Peralta’s (semi recent convert) to do some service for them. Brother Peralta had surgery on his right arm and is still recovering so he wasn’t able to do a whole lot. So we managed to get a few of the guys from the ward over to help. So there were about seven of us total that were there, so the work got done within an hour when I thought it would have taken three to four hours.Yesterday was my first Fast Sunday out in the mission field. This has probably been my hardest fast sunday just because I would get more hungry and thirsty than back at home because I was actively doing stuff and biking and whatnot. But we had a really good dinner over at the Huggins and one of their sons has just recently returned from his mission from Alaska. He still has that missionary fire burning within him so he still wants to do missionary work. When we shared our message to the family, we asked them what they could do to share the gospel right now at that very second. We then had every single person in the room (there were eight in there) pull at their phones and either text their nonmember/less-active friends inviting them to an activity, the Gilbert Temple, etc. or posting a link on their Facebook account. That was kind of cool actually and some of them got a super quick response of “Yes, I’d like to go.”Anyway, that’s about it. Glad everyone had a great Thanksgiving! It’s hard to believe it’s already December. I’m already losing track of how long it’s been since I left home. Sometimes I’m thinking it’s two weeks and other times I’m thinking it’s been three.

Have a great week everyone!Love,
Elder Foxx

Elder Foxx Thanksgiving
With companion, Elder Parsons

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