Week 5; December 16, 2013: My twin and a spoiled secret service


So this week was pretty interesting. Starting two weeks ago, we passed around a sheet each Sunday for members to sign up for us to come over for whatever they want (spiritual message, temple video, service, etc.) So on Tuesday, the Gallman’s had signed up for us to do service for them at about 2:00 PM. But when we arrived, neither of the parents were home so we decided to go over to the Stapley’s and visit them. Nobody was home for their house either. Elder Parsons noticed how so many leaves were on the yard so we chose to borrow some rakes from another member and just started cleaning their yard for a little bit. After about an hour, we went over back to the Gallman’s and the mother was finally home so we started to work over there. They had asked us to put up Christmas lights for them.

Now, I don’t think I have mentioned the Gallman’s yet, but so far there has been one name that I have heard over and over again and that’s “Caleb Gallman.” Caleb is one of their sons who is out on a mission in Texas. And ever since I started this mission, almost all the members would ALWAYS say “You look just like Caleb Gallman! I had to look three times just to tell you weren’t him!” When we talked with his parents, even they said that I looked like him. Well, I finally saw pictures of him… and I just don’t see it. Literally everyone else sees it except for me. I tried to see the similarities, and we look kind of similar, but it’s nowhere near as close as everyone is making it out to be. But anyway, so we ended up putting up Christmas lights for the Gallman’s, so that went well.

So then the very next day, we went back to the Stapley’s to finish up with their yard. Later in the day, we found out a couple things. One thing was that that day was actually Brother Stapley’s (who is dead) birthday that day, so that was kind of cool how the timing worked out. We then found out another thing. We tried to keep this service anonymous, but unfortunately there are too many mormons in that neighborhood who like spoiling surprises. It turns out that someone took a picture of me and Elder Parsons working (I don’t know who, when, or how they did it without us noticing), posted it to Facebook, and sent it to Sister Stapley. We found all this out when we went to our dinner appointment and they said “So you guys did some service for the Stapley’s today, huh?” So unfortunately, the surprise was spoiled. But on the bright side, it does build member trust. And as we found out recently, it also built some trust from nonmembers as well because apparently one of her nonmember neighbors actually called Sister Stapley and said, “You have the most professional yard-service I ever seen, what’s the company? They were wearing white shirts and ties and they actually looked legal and everything!” So that was kind of funny that people thought we worked for a company or something. But it was good because then she was able to explain that it was missionaries for her church who just did service just to do it, so we’re hoping that opens up some opportunities and eventually some potential investigators.

Speaking of being mistaken for workers, we can not go a single P-Day going into Walmart shopping and not have someone approach us and assume we are employees (even though we’re carrying carts) and ask us about where certain items are located.

A couple nights ago, we were FINALLY able to share a temple presentation with some nonmembers, which we haven’t been able to do since Thanksgiving. There were two nonmember families over at the member’s home and we showed them “Blessings of the Temple.” I don’t remember if I told you the formula for how we present this video but basically it’s supposed to go “Missionaries come in and almost immediatley play the video, missionaries bear testimony about temples, invite the members to bear testimony about temples, ask nonmembers if they had any questions, and ask if they would like to learn more about the Gospel, and then leave.” All within 15 minutes. No more. Well, the presentation at this time went good at first. But one of the members’ testimony on the temple kind of dragged too long and took up a bunch of time. So we had to leave before we even got a chance to see if they wanted to learn more about the Gospel, so that really sucked. Elder Parsons was TICKED off about it, but I wasn’t that much. Because the way that I see it is that the spirit was present, you could tell the nonmembers felt it, they were excited to attend the temple open-house, and that’s that. So just as long as they feel prompted by the spirit during the temple open-house to see that the Gospel has a lot to offer them later on, that’s all that’s important. Anyway, I was just glad that we finally got to share the video with some nonmembers again because we rarely get to do that.

Yesterday night was transfer calls and we found out that Elder Parsons will be leaving and I will be staying. So Wednesday, I’m going to be getting a new companion but I should still be in the same house and everything so my address shouldn’t change.

So anyway, this was a good week. This upcoming week is going to be super busy though with Transfers and whatnot. And then next week will be Christmas… that’s scary. Anyway, hope everyone has a great week!

Elder Foxx

(Side note from Jennifer: So I was very curious as to what his “twin” looked like and found his profile picture on FB. Wish he wasn’t wearing sunglasses, but what do you think?)

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 11.28.51 AM


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