Week 8; January 6, 2014: Roller Coaster Ride

Happy belated New Year’s!

It’s hard to believe it is now 2014. Even more so, I just realized that by next week, I would have been out in the mission for two months. That’s weird… it’s kind of interesting how time flows being in a mission because each day feels like it goes on forever (especially this transfer), but when I think back and realize how long I’ve been here, I think, “Wait, it’s almost two months already? I am just now getting used to thinking I’ve been out for a month.”

Another thing that I’ve learned in the mission is how much it is just like a roller coaster. One day, you’ll feel super happy and ready to go. Then the next day, you could be feeling absolutely miserable. Then the next day, you’d feel a little bit better. Then miserable again. And then a launch all the way up to “happy” again. And it goes on and on. The days haven’t been as consistent as I would like.

During New Year’s Eve, we didn’t do anything too special. It was just like an ordinary day except the Mission President had us go home by 6:00 PM instead of 9:00 PM for safety reasons (specifically drunk driving) and the zone leaders had us study Preach My Gospel until 9:00. I really missed getting to watch fireworks and staying up to count down until the New Year, so that kind of sucked.

Then on Wednesday, January 1, me and my companion went on exchanges with Elder D. and Elder McBride (I was with Elder D.). I hate to say it because the white handbook specifically said that exchanges were not meant to be used for this purpose, but I was honestly looking forward to exchanges just to get a break from my companion. But anyway, Elder D. has actually been in the exact situation I am in right now where he had served a mini mission back in Utah… only he had it way worse because he only had 8 days of notice to serve and the area he covered was only ten to fifteen minutes away from his home. So we talked a lot about that and he talked about how it was super difficult for him in the MTC because he tried his best to avoid answering questions when they were being taught something, but he still walked away from the MTC with everyone thinking he was a genius, not knowing that he had served a mini mission prior, haha. Anyway, so it was good to have someone to relate with and we got along pretty well.

On that day, we mostly tried to visit members that unfortunately were not home. But the ward mission leader for the ward Elder D. covered has been really ill for the past week (actually, EVERYONE around here has been getting sick this transfer. I don’t know what it is, but something’s going around) and so we stopped by and we gave him a blessing. And Elder D. volunteered me to do the sealing, which I had never done before, so I was pretty nervous about it. But he said I did well, so that’s good.

Anyway, nothing too eventful happened after that. Although when my companion and I were proselying and we were looking at the map to check where we were, this guy walked up to us and introduced himself. His name is Bart and apparently he has been taking missionary discussions for a very long time and has met with at least three different missionary companionships in the past. He even flat-out told us, “Yeah, I don’t really know why I’m not baptized yet. I’m just a little hardheaded, I guess, the missionary’s did their part, I just never did mine.” Which I thought was interesting that he worded it that way because it means he knows exactly what the problem was. So we scheduled to meet with him this upcoming Wednesday to try and have discussions with him. We’ve been trying to think what we can do to help because he clearly likes what he was being taught and liked visiting the missionaries, it’s just he never kept the commitments that were left to him. It’s been several months since missionaries met with him, so we’re hoping this could be a situation where, “He wasn’t ready then, but he might be ready now.” We may end up talking to him about the temple and inviting him to the open-house since that’ll be something he hasn’t heard from missionaries before. And maybe going through the open-house can help him out and get him to making commitments. Really hoping this works out because the guy totally seems golden except for that one issue.

As far as how me and my companion are getting along, it’s still rough. Neither of us want a sucky transfer, so we’re both trying to get along, but it’s been difficult. It’s been very difficult. More than it should be really. I can just feel how much the adversary is working at us and trying to get this transfer to fail in one way or another. I have never noticed him working as strong before as he is now. I don’t know if it’s just that I’m more in tune to the spirit so I can feel when it’s not there or if the devil is just working as hard as it can to not make this work. Probably both, but this transfer has been feeling miserable for the most part. Still, I’m praying for the strength and I know I’ll endure.
Oh, and in better news, this upcoming Saturday, Elder Holland is going to be speaking to us and a couple of the other missions in Arizona (I think the Tempe and Scotsdale missions are the other two he’s speaking to, but I can’t remember) so that’s exciting.

Anyway, that’s about it for this week. Hope everyone has a great week!


Elder Foxx
(Picture of our Christmas tree)
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