Week 11: January 27, 2014: Another discouraging week

Hello! Well, I hate to say it again, but this week has been pretty discouraging. We FINALLY had stuff that was set and planned out to do throughout the week. Tuesday in particular, we had a lot of stuff planned out and a lot of appointments to get to. So I was actually pretty excited to actually get to do stuff on Tuesday… and what happens? My companion tells me the morning of that I’m going on exchanges… and apparently he planned on exchanges happening for an entire week and didn’t think to tell me until the morning of. Sooooo that was frustrating.

And while I was on exchanges, the Elder that I was with had nothing going on with his area. We spent the day going around trying to contact people who weren’t home, and then our dinner appointment cancelled. Then at the end of the exchange, my companion tells me that I’m going on exchanges again… And then on the second exchange, I was with an Elder who was totally unmotivated to do anything and pretty much took a nap a good majority of the time. So I didn’t have anything to do then.So I had to go on exchanges two days in a row without any advance notice, in which I really didn’t get anything accomplished in those two days. And then when I return from that exchange, I find out that all the appointments went really well AND we obtained an investigator. His name is Eric and he’s 13 years old and pretty much wants to get baptized. Even his parents said, “Yeah, I don’t think we’ll ever be members of your church, but our son’s probably going to be joining you guys soon.” So he’s pretty golden from the sounds of it. So we had a teaching appointment that Friday at 4PM… and we show up. And his parents aren’t home and they had to reschedule. They rescheduled for today at 4PM, so I’m really hoping this finally happens. And we also had two appointments to share a temple presentation with some nonmembers today… and yesterday, we got phone calls and both of them cancelled.

Oh, but there was one good thing that happened! My companion FINALLY had a change of heart and we were able to invite the Poblano’s to the temple for tomorrow (Tuesday) at 3PM and we’ll be able to go with them because Sister Poblano has a nonmember brother and his girlfriend who are also tagging along. So I’m SOOO excited for that to finally happen! I’m just praying that nothing goes wrong and nothing cancels.So yeah, that’s pretty much what the week was. I wish I had better things to share, but it’s been a struggle. I am really excited to get to the Gilbert Temple, so I really hope everything works out!

Anyway, hope everyone has a great week!

Love, Elder Foxx


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