Week 12; February 3, 2013: FINALLY, A GOOD WEEK!

So as I said last time, we had a scheduled appointment with an investigator last Monday and luckily it still went through. He is a 13-year old kid named Eric who has a lot of LDS friends and pretty much already decided that he wants to be a member. His parents were not sure at first, but after going through the temple, they became super supportive. So we had the lesson with Eric and with his mom Darsi. We basically asked her to listen in on the discussion just so she knows what Eric is getting into. We taught the Restoration of the Gospel and at the start of the lesson, Darsi was pretty much there just to be supportive to Eric, but wasn’t interested in learning much about the church herself. But by the end of the lesson, she got really interested and we were able to commit both Eric and her to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. So the lesson went really, really well and that just made the whole day. That lesson sparked the excitement about doing missionary work that I wanted to have.

Then Tuesday, we were able to go to the Gilbert Temple with a family and it went really well. It was absolutely gorgeous and the spirit was very strong there! Everytime people talk about the Gilbert Temple, they almost always talk about either the Baptismal font or the Celestial Room, and I can see why because they are both very impressive. The family that we went with really enjoyed it too, and what was funny was that the nonmember had no questions about it whatsoever, but the mother of the family asked about why the Angel Moroni was pointed a certain way. I was actually surprised that I remembered it had to do with the Second Coming where Christ would appear again and so it had to point to that certain direction, so that was what I explained to her. Anyway, we all really enjoyed it!

Then unfortunately, not a lot happened on Wednesday and Thursday. But Friday, I went on exchanges with Elder Ward (one of the Elders that lives in the same house as us) and we actually had a “First Discussion” lesson with an investigator and we taught the Restoration. It went really well as well and when we asked her to give a closing prayer, she actually couldn’t compose herself and started breaking down in tears as she was praying. Her husband tried to act like he wasn’t all interested and was just supportive for his wife, but with the questions he asked and the way he seemed, I think he’s more interested than he leads on. He asked quite a few random questions that had nothing to do with the lesson, such as Jesus drinking wine (we haven’t mentioned the word of wisdom until after he asked that) and then asked if Michael Jackson was Mormon. He’s not a part of any particular religion, he pretty much just takes what he likes about other religions and makes his own personal belief based off of that and many of his beliefs are very close to what we believe in the church so I could see him becoming a member given the right time and the right scenario.

So that was pretty much the highlight of the week. Unfortunately, not a lot got done during any of the other days of the week, but just those three days were well worth it.

As far as what’s happening to me, I’m going to be extending in this mini-mission for another 6 weeks. Transfer calls came last night and I’m leaving the area and Elder Whitecar is staying. He was happy and started singing a song about me having to pack up and leave. *sigh* Anyway, so I’m going to have a different address soon enough, so I’ll let you know what that is next week. Soooo yeah, doesn’t look like things are going exactly as planned as far as thinking that I’d get the full-time call by now, but oh well.
Anyway, I hope everyone has a great week!

Elder Foxx


One thought on “Week 12; February 3, 2013: FINALLY, A GOOD WEEK!

  1. Wow Skyler! What a fantastic week and such great experiences. Another 6 weeks! That’s great! I’ve heard the temple is gorgeous…hoping to get over there to see it soon! Keep plugging along and know that famliy and friends are praying for you and for these special people that you are teaching:)

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