Week 13; Feb. 10, 2014: Off to a great start!


So the first half of the week was pretty much spent saying goodbye to various members of the wards. Unfortunately, a lot of them were either not home or had to leave soon so I couldn’t take pictures of everyone. But still, I was able to take a few pictures. Leaving the area kind of left me with mixed feelings. At one side, I was ready for something new, but on the other hand, I was really going to miss the people there.

So a bit of a backstory before I get into transfers. Last Monday, Elder Parsons actually approached me and told me he knew who my next companion is and what my next area is and he told me he is really excited. So I thought it was weird that he already knew. And he also told me that my companion already knows that I would be with him, so I thought that was weird. Then throughout the week, Elder Ward (one of the Elders that lives with us) was bugging me about how he also knew who I was going to be with and where I was going. And then one of my zone leaders (Elder Wind) also knew… so it seemed like just about everyone knew what was happening to me except forme. I was getting super anxious and a little annoyed, haha!

So Wednesday happens and the moment that they announce the name, “Elder Bailey” it just clicked to me that Elder Bailey was the first missionary that Elder Parsons trained. So I knew immediately when they said his name that I was going to be companions with him. And sure enough, my name was then announced and we were companions. So I finally found out why Elder Parsons was super excited. Because his two sons are now companions.

So I went from the Gilbert Zone down to the Desert Ridge zone, which is technically in Mesa and is at the border of the mission. It’s funny because we actually have to go out of the mission to go to the nearest Walmart in our area.

It’s been a little weird adjusting to the new area since this is the first time I have been transferred to another area so I kind of feel like I’m “starting over” in a sense. The two wards that we cover (the Bella Via ward and Santa Rita ward) are very far apart from each other, so there is a lot of biking we’ve had to do. This area feels very different than the last area I was in. I think everyone here is way more goofy and loose than the last area I was in. Which isn’t bad, but there’s definitely a noticeable difference.

In other news, it sounds like there’s going to be a baptism soon. There’s this guy named Craig Shipley who has a less-active wife and has been investigating the church for several years and has gone through about 3-4 different sets of missionaries in the past. But we got a call a couple days ago and apparently he went through the temple open-house and it just hit him right there that he needs to be baptized. And he wanted to get baptized this upcoming Saturday, but we won’t be able to meet with him until Wednesday and even though he’s been taught all the lessons before, we still need to make sure he understands everything and whatnot so I don’t think it’ll happen this Saturday. Still, it’s pretty exciting.

Elder Bailey and I are getting along great. He’s a huge goofball and fun to be around with. Loves to quote movies and songs all the time. Can be a little too goofy at times, but I don’t foresee any problems with this companionship whatsoever. Actually day one of this transfer has pretty much been a total opposite of day one of last transfer (whereas last transfer, I was thinking, “this is going to be a loooong transfer…” and this one I was thinking, “this is going to be a good transfer!”)

Anyway, so things have been going pretty good. Hope you guys have had a great week!

Love, Elder Foxx


Elder Foxx, Elder Parsons, Elder Baker

Elder Foxx, Elder Parsons, and Elder Baker (Val Vista Ward)

Elder Foxx, Elder Parsons, and Elder Baker (Val Vista Ward)2

Gilbert Zone-

(Back) Elder Hill, Elder Balzer, Elder Davis

(Middle) Sister Linford, Sister Wilstenheum (not sure if correct spelling), Elder Jewkes, Elder Ward, Elder Caldwell, Elder McBride, Elder Lilywhite, Elder Whitecar, Elder Rich

(Front) Elder Foxx

Gilbert Zone

Brother Allen (Saratoga Ward Mission Leader)Brother Allen (Ward Mission Leader for Saratoga Ward)

Reynolds Family

Reynold's family

Elder Bailey and Elder Foxx

Elder Bailey and Elder Foxx

Brother Goodman (Val Vista Ward Mission Leader)Brother Goodman (Ward Mission Leader for Val Vista Ward)

Gilbert Temple at Night


GilbertTempleNight close up GilbertTempleNight


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