Week 14; Feb. 17, 2014: A Carton of Ice Cream and a Bachelor Pad

(Email #1)

I’m super depressed and angry and I hate everything.
The end.



(Note from family: The email and picture above totally cracked us up. If you know Skyler, you know his sense of humor… ROFL!!! Now for his “real” email…)

(Email #2)

So unfortunately, we haven’t been able to get a lesson in with Craig Shipley. We tried contacting him all week and we didn’t get a hold of him until Saturday night and it sounds like he’s now working nights and sleeping during days because of training for work he has to do so he told us that all of next week isn’t going to work. So it sounds like we won’t get to teach him until next week, which kind of sucks.
However, here’s some really good news!

So two weeks ago, the Bella Via ward has been telling us of this less-active guy who lives in a house and nobody has been able to contact them. So we knock on the door and he answers right then and there and we were able to get a return appointment for the next week.

So we went back this last Wednesday and stopped by to get to know him. We enter the house and it is a total bachelor’s pad. Seriously, you walk into the door and there’s a pool table, a bar with beer on the tap, a flat-screen TV, darts, and stickers and posters everywhere, and a huge surround sound system. In fact, the very first thing he does when he welcomes us in is offers us a beer. Anyway, so we got talking to him and he flat-out told us what his story was. He served his mission (I think in Argentina) and then got sent home early and hasn’t been to church since. He is divorced and has three kids (an 18-year old son, a 14-year old son, and a daughter in between) He told us he’s not interested in coming back to church and he’ll back in his own time, but he invited us over to have dinner the next day so we can get to know his sons because he wants us to get to know them, not to teach them anything, but just to hang out. So he has a huge respect for missionaries because of his experience as a missionary.

We come back the very next night and we meet his kids. The 18-year old was downstairs playing Battlefield 4 on the PS4 (gosh, that feels weird to say) and we tried talking to him and get to know him. At first, the kids were pretty quiet but as we just talked to them and hung out, they really grew to like us. We ended up playing Volleyball and talking about movies and joking around and everything. And the dad played some metal songs in his surround sound and then as a joke started playing Called to Serve, which was pretty hilarious. But it was weird because the guy kept trying to get us to break every rule in the book. He continually offered us beer, tried to get us to leave the mission boundaries and told us he wanted to take us to flagstaff, etc. So it was feeling pretty weird, but we just chose to role with it and be as obedient as possible while also just trying to be their friends. In the end, it was super successful because we gained a good relationship with him and his kids AND he told us to invite our whole zone over to his home on Monday (today) so he can feed all the missionaries and they can come over and play volleyball. And when we were about to leave the house, the 14-year old yelled “Wait!” and ran downstairs to give us a handshake and fistpump. So just from that alone, we know that it was very successful. We’re confident that the kids are going to be key in working with the family. It’s going to be a slow process, but this should lead to good things.

Apart from that, Elder Bailey and I decided to make it a personal goal to try and get in 5 hours of service per week. And so we went around making sure that all the members knew we were looking for service. We prayed a lot about it and on the very next day (Wednesday) we were able to get 5 hours of service that day. We were able to do service for someone in the sister’s area who is moving out. The sisters weren’t able to do the service because they had to work at the temple, so they delegated to their district leaders, who then delegated to Elder Smith and Elder Ault (two Elders that live with us) and so all four of us decided to head over there. It was a LOT of work. We were moving out all kinds of stuff. Lots of heavy furniture, glass, cupboards, etc. It was super duper heavy! It’s a miracle we were able to get it all out. I can’t imagine sisters being able to do this at all, I’ll be totally honest. But the guy was super nice and offered us Taco Bell at the end.

We then were able to do more service on Saturday and helped a family in one of our wards move out on 7AM. Although that was super quick and we cleaned out the house by 8AM because a LOT of people showed up to help. But anyway, lots of service this week and we’re hoping this keeps up.

We then got to go to the Temple Open-House on Saturday night (February 15th) with the Watson’s. It is so weird that the Open-house is over now. My entire mission has been building up to this open-house and now it’s already over. It feels so weird. What are we going to do for proselyting anymore? All I know how to do is invite people to the temple! lol

Anyway, it’s been a really great week. It’s been weird adjusting to this new area because nobody has a filter here (seriously, NOBODY has a filter here), but I’ve really grown to love it really quick. And I love my companion and everyone in the house and everything. This transfer has been great!

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great week! Love you all!

Elder Foxx

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