Week 15; February 24, 2014: Sick companion, service and zone conference


So unfortunately, there’s not a whole lot to report on because not a whole lot got done this week. Tuesday night, I went on exchanges. Not a whole lot went on in the other area. We pulled weeds in the morning and then visited a few members in the afternoon. The exchange was supposed to end on Wednesday night, but it ended up lasting two nights because it wasn’t planned very well as far as coordinating rides. So I didn’t get home until about Thursday morning. And then Thursday, there was a long zone conference that lasted from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Then Friday, we did service for a recently moved-in family named the Moon’s. They moved into the house that the Weight’s (the family we helped move out last Saturday at 7AM) moved out of. They’re super missionary minded and have already gotten to know pretty much all their neighbors, so that’s really good.

Then Saturday, Elder Bailey got really sick and so we had to just stay at home for the day, which really sucked. Then Sunday, we went to the Bella Via Ward in the morning and Elder Bailey was still extremely sick, so we had to head home early and stayed in the home until about 6:00 PM because he was so bored that he didn’t care how he was feeling, he wanted to head out of the hosue. He got a blessing and is feeling a little bit better now, so hopefully we’ll be able to get more accomplished this week.

We also have not been able to contact Craig Shipley at all, so that’s been pretty discouraging. We’re going to spend every single day this week just knocking on his door after lunch and just hoping that we eventually get in contact with him. It’s just really discouraging because we got our hopes up from hearing the call that he wanted to get baptized as soon as possible and we still haven’t been able to get in with him. *sigh* That’s missionary work for ya, I guess. Apart from that though, this transfer has easily been the best transfer of my mission just basing it solely on whether or not I’m happy, so that’s good. Anyway, hope you all have a great week! Love, Elder Foxx


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