Week 17; March 10, 2014: It’s a Jungle!


So this week went by pretty fast. Not entirely sure why, but it did. We continue to do lots of service for people. Most of it has been yard work. It’s kind of funny because the first transfer, a lot of the service we did was indoor work such as tiling and whatnot and now this transfer, we’re doing a lot of outdoor work… right when alergy season hits. That part hasn’t been too fun.

There was one nonmember we were able to do service for when I was on exchanges with Elder Olkjer (District Leader). He said that we were going to pull weeds and I figured, “Okay, that’s pretty easy, this’ll get done quick.” …It was a JUNGLE in her backyard. Oh my goodness, it was a jungle. And all the weeds had sticky hairs and thorns on them and neither of us had gloves so we had to pull them barehanded. We worked for about 4 hours on that yard and I think we got about 25% of the weeds back there. There was a TON.

There was one interesting time when a mailman randomly drives and pulls up to us and asks us a question about Matthew 20:24-30 and asked, “So Jesus basically says that marriage is in this world only. And I even read the Joseph Smith translation thing and it said the same thing so how do you then justify the whole eternal marriage thing?” And so I explained to him that the chapter heading read “worldly marriage endures in this life only” and explained that marriage can only be eternal through the priesthood and then referenced the scripture in Matthew Chapter 16 (I think?) talking about how things that are bound on earth shall be bound on heaven because of the keys that Christ gave to his apostles. We talked a little bit more and I guess the guy actually lives in Scottsdale and obviously he’s had experience with LDS people and possibly missionaries in the past. I don’t know if he’s being taught at all or anything, but we asked if we could refer missionaries to him and he never really gave us a straight answer.

Anyway, so beyond that, not a whole lot to report. Excpet on Friday, me, Elder Bailey, and the Zone leaders went to the mission office to fill out assessments about me and how I am as a missionary. So the last thing that I heard from the mission president is that our part (the Arizona Gilbert Mission’s part) is done and so now we’re just waiting on Salt Lake. So from what it sounds like, I should be getting a call soon. My guess would probably be by the end of this week. Hopefully. We’ll see what happens. But basically all I know is that the mission’s part in reporting to Salt Lake is now done.

That’s about all I have to report on. I hope you have a great week this week and a great time at the cruise!


Elder Foxx


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