Week 18; March 17: Making Lemonade


So this past week, we have continued to do some more service. Lots of yard work and the like, but there was one day when me and Elder Baley used caulking guns for the shelves for the Dane’s and also moved in some new drawers they got upstairs. So that’s what that picture is all about.


We also had dinner one day with the Gissel’s. The dad was out of town so it was just the mother, her kids, and then a friend who became a member about three months ago named Jordan. It was pretty cool to hear their conversion story because both Sister Gissel and Jordan are converts. Jordan pretty much said that he never heard of a mormon until he started dating this girl and then he googled what a Mormon was and amazingly enough actually went to an article on mormon.org about Joseph Smith. And so he totally related to the confusion Joseph Smith had about all the different churches and started praying about it, getting a Book of Mormon, and then taking missionary discussions. We had navaho tacos for dinner and then they took us to this Waffle truck that was out in the middle of the street called “Waffle Love,” where they put in every single sugary thing on a waffle. I had a chocolate chip waffle that had chocolate syrup on top of it and then had bananas, whipped cream, and then strawberries on top. (they took a picture of it and texted it to you guys, but I don’t know if you got it or not) Afterwards, none of us felt too good but it was worth it!

The Gissel’s little girl ended up throwing up twice that night. First in the middle of the opening prayer before dinner and then second after they drove us back from Waffle Love. So we gave her a blessing as well as Jordan because he was recovering from a leg surgery. Turns out it was not only the first blessing he’s recieved, but it was the first time he has ever seen a blessing take place. So that kind of put on a little bit of pressure!

Then we went on exchanges with one of the zone leaders, Elder Duval (from Alaska) and I had to lead out the area. In the morning, we pulled weeds and mowed the lawn for the Watson’s (only their 8-year old son Porter and 13-year old son Jackson were home)

So we were working and Porter was outside digging (just for fun, I guess) and then the conversation came up about swimming and Elder Duval mentioned he can’t swim. So here’s how the conversation goes:

Porter: What? You can’t swim? How come?

Me: Well, you gotta remember he’s from Alaska.

Elder Duval: Yeah, all the water there’s frozen.

Porter: Oh. Well, welcome to America, now you can swim!

We could not hold our laughter. Anyway, we then tried stopping by a bunch of names that weren’t home. But we did stop by these girls on the street who asked us if we could buy some lemonade from their lemonade stand. So we talk to them for a bit and find out that they are members from another ward and we end up leaving them with Mesa Easter Pageant invitations and told them to start handing those out to everyone that comes to buy some lemonade lol! Whether or not that actually went anywhere, I don’t know, but I’d like to think that we got 20 OYM’s from that experience, haha!

As far as my mission call goes, I haven’t heard a single darn thing and neither has President. We’re still waiting on Salt Lake…… and transfers are this Wednesday…… sooooo yeah, not too happy about that. I wish I could give better news in regards that, but I literally know nothing and Salt Lake isn’t telling President anything either apparently. Hopefully we’ll find out soon, but I’ve been saying that for how long now? *sigh* I’m pretty sure that we’ll find out SOMETHING by tomorrow just because it’s the last day of the transfer.

Anyway, I hope you all have had a great week and will have a great week this week!

Love, Elder Foxx


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