Week 19; March 24: Rattle Snake Surprise

So this last Wednesday was transfers and not a whole lot changed in my zone. Elder Warner, Elder Ault, and Sister Holcomb were the only missionaries who left and then Elder Baker, Elder McGraw, and Sister Ball came in. So I’m still here with Elder Bailey for this transfer.

Not a whole lot happened this week beyond Friday night and opening up the full-time mission call to the Arizona Gilbert Mission. I still think it’s weird that I’ll be flying all the way to Provo just to come back, but ah well. It’ll be good. I appreciate everyone for coming, it was great seeing you again and I look forward to going to the Gilbert Temple soon!
Saturday, something fun did happen though. One thing that our mission president has trying to get us do is come up with “outlandish finding ideas” (finding people to teach). So Elder Bailey came up with this idea of playing instruments and singing to church hymns an hour before a neighborhood party starts. The idea grew from the 4 people that live in our house to the whole entire zone. So on Saturday from 3:30 – 5:00, we all stood by the park and just played different church hymns. Elder Bailey and Elder McGraw played Guitar, Elder Duval played Ukulele, and Elder Smith played Violin. Interesting mix of instruments, I know lol. Not a whole lot came of it, but it was fun. And it got us out there and got us seen by people which is the main reason President wanted us to come up with outlandish finding ideas to begin with is to get us seen.

And then this morning, something exciting came up. We offered to pull our neighbor’s weeds and so we go pull them and there was this one weed that just wasn’t going out (it was underneath a rock). So we push the rock and we find a baby rattle snake. So Elder Smith decides to catch it and put it in a jar and put it in the kitchen table… except he didn’t close the lid all the way. So at about 9:00 AM, Elder Smith and Elder McGraw were already outside of the house so it was just me and Elder Bailey. And we walk by the table and we notice that the jar is empty. Then we move stuff around the table and there was the snake just slithering by the table. It ends up slithering out and going all over the floor. It took us forever, but we were able to catch it. But rather than killing it, Elder Bailey just let the snake go in our backyard. Sooo yeah, we have a rattle snake in our backyard now just wandering around lol. I saw it slid over the wall so it’s probably bugging someone else’s backyard now.

I never got to take a picture of the rattle snake, but Elder Bailey is going to send me the pictures he took later on tonight and then I’ll send it to you.

Anyway, so that’s what happened this week. Again, it was great seeing you all again and I look forward to seeing you again at the Temple. Hope you guys all have a great week!

Elder Foxx

Update: Here is the picture of the rattlesnake…

Rattlesnake2 Rattlesnake1


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