Week 20; March 31, 2014: Teaching, getting the youth involved

There’s not a whole lot to update this week as far as the missionary work goes, sad to say. Although we did get to do some service for a guy named Chris Jennings. We went to Brother Levi and he walked us over to his neighbor across the street with us and knocked on the door and introduced us and he said, “Alright, so the missionaries need something to do and they can either preach to you or they can do your yard.” He chose for us to do his yard lol

Normally he would do it himself, but he has been having some major back problems and wouldn’t be able to do it so it’s a good thing we came. We mowed his backlawn, got rid of the dead lemons that were littered all over the place and pulled the weeds. The whole time we were saying “thank you” for letting us do service and he kept going, “Stop thanking me, you’re the ones who did the work, I need to be thanking you.” So as we were talking, he’s gotten to know us and what it is that we do as missionaries and he really liked the idea of us going around and doing service for people when we can’t teach. He’s a pretty cool guy and honestly apart from his smoking habbit, I could see him being a member.

We have also been trying something that we have been thinking about doing for a while and that is to teach the youth the missionary lessons. (especially the older ones that are preparing to serve missions) The idea is that we would teach the youth the lessons, and then get the youth to teach the lessons to their family, and then eventually the end-end goal would be to get the youth to be able to take us out on splits to visit their friends and have all three of us teach and they would be super prepared for when they go on a mission. We have been able to teach two families the “Restoration of the Gospel” and it is the first time Elder Bailey and I have ever taught together (we haven’t even done role-plays this entire transfer)… with all that being said, we teach pretty well together. We are both able to balance out however much each person says and our transitions worked pretty well. I was surprised considering that these are the only two times either of us have ever taught each other. Hopefully, this continues to go well.

Apart from that, most of what else happened this week was me getting ready for the temple. It was really weird because I spent the good first half of the day without Elder Bailey. So here I was, by myself with my parents, still wearing the name badge and all… That was probably the weirdest part. Especially when we went to stores and of course I’m still a missionary and everyone can see that, yet I’m by myself with my parents. The weirdest part of the day was coming back to the house to get a couple of T-shirts from my drawer from my room. It was really difficult being there. I felt soooo weird. lol Anyway, it was still good to get that done again. And we were able to go to Waffle House, which I missed SO much! So I’ll be going to the temple on April 4th, which is really exciting. I’m looking forward to going there.

We also celebrated Elder Smith’s birthday on Friday (which I took pictures of and a video of him blowing out the candles). He just turned nineteen. Yup. We are living in the days when missionaries have a birthday when they turn nineteen lol. Anyway, so the sisters made a carrot cake and cookies and we all went as a zone to have lunch at Subway. So that was a pretty fun day as well. (see pictures)

Anyway, that’s about it. Hope everyone has a great week!

Elder Foxx


Elder Foxx in front of the Belle Via fountain…

BellaViaFountain2 BellaViaFountain3


Celebrating Elder Smith’s birthday…


ElderSmithBday1 ElderSmithBday2 ElderSmithBday3

Picture of rattlesnake (from last week’s post)…

Rattlesnake1 Rattlesnake2



Service2 Service1 foxxskyler@gmail.com


Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Sunset Zone 1


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