Week 22: April 14, 2014: Really Good Week

So this week was good. On Monday for P-Day, we celebrated Elder Baker’s birthday by going to Coldstone and then playing with Nerf Guns at the Cultural Hall at the church building. So that was loads of fun!

We have mostly spent the week just teaching the members of the wards the Missionary Lessons. In the Santa Rita ward, we have this system set up where our ward mission leader sets up appointments for us to visit members that he thinks would benefit from hearing the lessons again or just benefit from having missionaries over and then we would come and teach them all the lessons each week starting from the Restoration of the Gospel.

On Thursday, I was on exchanges with Elder Yates (zone leader) and I led out the area. A lot of what we were doing that day was street contacting and tracting, which didn’t really go too well. I think someone told us that it reached 100 on Thursday… well, that would make sense because it was very warm. And Elder Yates hasn’t ridden his bike in over 8 months and hasn’t been drinking enough water. So when we got home during lunch hour, he was just out of it. It is now definitely getting to that time where we’ll have to start just asking every one we come in contact with for water. (and in case anyone is wondering, we are not allowed to have camelbacks since we’re not allowed to have backpacks)

Friday was good because we were able to teach this semi less-active family that we have been trying to contact ever since I’ve been here. We taught them the Restoration of the Gospel and we had Ammon Florez (going to serve a mission in Washington in a month) come with us so he can get good practice for teaching and better prepare for serving the mission. It went really well.

Then Saturday was a busy day. From 9AM to 4PM, a good 5-7 zones in the mission (almost all of them) went to help out and do service for the Special Olympics they were having down in Higley High School (Olympics for special needs kids.) We didn’t really know what we were there to do and I think there were way too many missionaries because a lot of us didn’t have a whole lot to do. Most of the time, we would just be there walking around until someone asked us to do something. Half the time, we were just an audience for the kids lol. But still, it was good and it was good to give encouragement to all the kids that were there. Although I didn’t have any sunscreen on. I didn’t burn too bad, I didn’t even really feel hot that day… but being out in the sun that long wasn’t good.

The next thing we did on Saturday requires a little bit of backstory… About a month ago, Elder Bailey and I went tracting asking people if they needed service. We tracted into the next-door neighbor of the Gissel’s. You could tell the guy was very religious because he had a cross spray-painted on his truck. We knock on the door and a guy named Earl answers the door and we ask for service. He says, “Yeah, you can dig my trampoline pit in the backyard.” We said we’d do it and he responds, “Nah, I’m just kidding guys.” But we were persistent until finally he let us do it and said that he’d be doing it in about a month.

So on Saturday, from 6PM to 8:30 PM we had the entire zone (minus the zone leaders) come over and help dig this trampoline pit that is meant to be 15 ft around and 3 ft deep. We all start with pics and shovels and weren’t making much progress. We got working to about an hour and we got in about half a foot. Then Elder Bailey and Elder Schulte split off and borrowed a jackhammer from Brother Cox. Progress went by MUCH faster! We had Elder Olkjer with the jackhammer digging into the ground while the rest of us dug out the softened dirt and made a big pile. By 8:30 PM, we all had to leave and we got 2 and a half ft deep. So we ended up getting most of it done, which is crazy! We got home dead tired, but we all felt so accomplished that day.

Trampoline1 Trampoline2

So yeah, this was a really good week. It’s weird that I’m going to be heading to the MTC in just a couple days. I’m gonna be missing this area. I’m pretty sure that when I come back from the MTC they’ll transfer me to a different area with a different companion, so I have pretty much been saying the goodbye’s yesterday. I’ll definitely miss it.

Anyway, hope you guys have a great week!

Elder Foxx

Dinner with the Watson and Blackburn families last night…



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