Week 23; April 18, 2014: Life in the MTC so far

So here I am in the MTC.

So this has been an interesting time so far. Apparently our P-Days are on Friday, so I’m already emailing today as opposed to the typical Monday. And there are so many strict rules in the MTC about not bringing certain bags to certain rooms, so I didn’t get to bring my bag over here which has my camera and journal with the list of email addresses. So right now, I’m only able to write the emails that I remember at the top of my head.

So my assigned MTC companion is Elder Tahuri from New Zealand. Originally, it was just going to be us two but then the third Elder in our MTC District, Elder Greenhalgh’s companion got injured and never showed up. So right now I’m in a Trio with Elder Tahuri and Elder Greenhalgh (pronounced Green-ouch and is from Kansas)

The MTC is very different from the actual mission field itself. You’re sitting in classes almost literally all day. You really barely have any time to do anything. I’m not even joking. I never struggled about having enough time just to be ready for bed on time and then waking up and making it to breakfast on time. The schedule is super tight every day thus far and there’s not a whole lot of time to do certain things such as writing in your journal or anything like that.

The MTC reminds me a lot of EFY (Especially for Youth) in terms of the atmosphere and the kind of teachers we have and the kind of people you are around. The best way I can describe it is that it is like if EFY was mingled with all the missionary rules and tried to emulate the mission organization as best as it can while still being EFY lol. Sooo I can’t really say I feel much like a missionary right now.

Not gonna lie, I am struggling being in the MTC, but that’s probably mostly because I’m in such a unique situation. Remember how you guys joked that I could get “homesick for my mission?” Weeeeeeell, that’s kind of what’s happening. I really just want to get back to the mission field or just outside the MTC because it is really stressful. That’s REALLY weird to say. The MTC is more stressful than the mission field. But it’s true, because in the mission field you kind of make up your own schedule and set your own appointments with some exceptions. You get back at the house at 9PM, plan for the day for about half an hour, and then you have an entire hour until you have to get to bed. Then you wake up at 6:30 AM, exercise, and then have an entire hour to prepare for the day and then an hour of studying and an hour of companionship study. You have a lot of time in the mission field to get the little stuff done. Here in the MTC, you simply don’t have that time. You wake up at 6:30 AM and you have to get to the cafeteria (which is in a completely different building) with a whole suit and everything by 7:00 AM. And then you usually don’t get back to your room until about 10:00 – 10:10 PM. It’s stressful. I didn’t think I would be struggling with sleeping at night considering how long I’ve been out in the field, but I’ve been struggling a lot. And I am dead tired during the classes. And as far as the rules go, I knew ahead of time that there would be a few more rules than usual… but the whole “you can’t carry your handbag in the cafeteria or in the main building or in devotionals” rule just seems dumb to me because that’s where you’d carry scriptures, PMG, etc. so when going to devotionals, they force you to carry your scriptures and Preach my Gospel without them being protected within a bag with a bunch of other missionaries. And of course it’s the reason I don’t have my camera or list of email addresses right now. *sigh*

Anyway, On the plus side, I do get along very well with my MTC companions and they definitely went into the mission field with the right reasons and being ready to serve, so that’s been great. They are great!

Anyway, I hope you guys have a great week!

Elder Foxx


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