Week 30; June 2, 2014: Summer Time

So not a whole lot new to report on.

Pretty much all the kids are in summer break right now so we are seeing a lot less people outside. And loads of families are going on trips and al that, so I imagine that the work is really going to start slowing down in the summer time.

We went with Mark to do baptisms at the Temple again and they had me do the baptisms and confirmations. This time I brought my glasses. Good thing too because a bunch of youth sisters started coming in all of a sudden and so they had me do the baptisms for them as well. So I was there a lot longer than I thought I would. The temple is awesome though. And it has been a help for Mark to go there and feel the spirit.

We got another youth investigator this week, which is pretty cool. We got him to pray at the end of the lesson, so that was really cool. He is dating the ward mission leader’s daughter lol and is friends with loads of kids from both the wards we cover so he already has a solid fellowship. We have been trying to coordinate with a family from the ward to try and get this investigator to the Mesa Temple Visitors Center, so hopefully everything goes well with that.

Beyond that, we continue to try and teach the investigators that we have. It is frustrating though because none of them really keep commitments and lately it has just been harder and harder to get in contact with them. So we do not really have any progressing investigators. And with the summer hitting and everyone going out of town, I just do not see a whole lot happening anytime soon.

Next Sunday, we will be getting Transfer calls, so we will see what is going to happen as far as who is staying and/or who is leaving. Of course, I will let you guys know next Monday.

Anyway, thanks for the emails and letters! I really appreciate them and hope that you all have a great week!

Elder Foxx


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