Week 31; June 9, 2014: Transfer Time

So not a whole lot new to report on this week… again. We’re still teaching a lot of the same investigators and almost all of them are not really progressing at all. We’ve been teaching one investigator, for example, who we met four times this week and tried to get her to read the Book of Mormon and come to church and she always says she wants to come to church, but will then back off at the last second and say some random out-of-nowhere excuse as to why she can’t come. And this has been happening for the last four weeks that she’s been doing this (but this week is the most we have met with her, which is why it has been even more frustrating now). I mean, I understand life can be spontaneous and all that, but the pattern has always been the same every single time with her. Just flat-out tell us if you don’t want to come to church or not if you really don’t want to go. Don’t go around making these elaborate excuses (and all of the excuses seem suspicious and inconsistent with other stories about her background that she has told us).

Anyway, so that’s pretty frustrating. One of our youth investigators who has been an investigator forever is finally starting to progress. This kid is one of those kids who just goes with the flow with everything and doesn’t really care too much about anything, so if we pick him up to go to mutual or to church, he’ll go. I don’t think he can say the word, “no.” But we’ve been really pushing him to pray and read the Book of Mormon on his own and he has finally been doing it. We give him reading assignments, he does it, and then we explain a little more in-depth the next day what he read. So he’s finally been reading on his own, which is awesome! …until a few days later when we see a “For Lease” sign in his front yard. Turns out he and his mom are moving to California in about a month… sooooo that kind of sucks. Hopefully we’ll be able to make a smooth enough of a transition so the missionaries in that area can get in contact with him.

The Roger’s are also really progressing. They are so golden! Ever since they moved in, they have been coming to church every single week and this last Sunday, we were trying to set up an appointment to teach them again and they said they wouldn’t be available until the next Saturday. So what do they do? Not only invite us over that night, but have us over for dinner. The wife is a super good cook (that’s apparently one of her biggest hobbies) and they went all out on the dinner with an appetizer, dinner, and dessert. Appetizers being stuffed mushrooms with bacon and cheese (which was surprisingly really, really good since I normally don’t like mushrooms.) Dinner was some of the best steak I’ve ever had and the dessert was a Pumpkin cheesecake. We were completely shocked. It’s easily been the best meal I’ve had on my mission and it was provided by INVESTIGATORS. And then we had the lesson afterwards about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it went really well. We don’t have a baptismal date extended to them yet, but we’re going to do it the next lesson we have. And the bishop is going to set up an appointment with the father to talk to him about the priesthood (since the dad is a less-active member) and try to figure out what he wants to do as far as progressing in the priesthood. The ideal situation would be to get the dad to be able to baptize his wife and kids. But yeah, this family is super freaking golden, it’s insane!

So that’s been the most exciting thing that has happened this past week. Beyond that, we have still been trying to contact a lot of investigators that won’t answer the door and trying to teach investigators that for the most part, aren’t progressing. But eh, that’s missionary life.

So transfer calls came in late (they were supposed to come in last night) and I just got them about 10 minutes ago. So it turns out I’m leaving. Yup! Only in the area for one transfer and I’m already gone. That’s a record for shortest time I’ve been in an area! lol

Anyway, so I’ve enjoyed the area for the short amount of time I’ve had! lol. Didn’t get any baptisms like we were hoping to get this transfer, but oh well. Hopefully, me and my new companion will be able to get the work progressing a lot in the next area. So obviously my address is going to change, so hold off on sending handwritten letters or anything like that for now.

Thanks again for the letters and emails! Really appreciate them! Hope you guys had a great week and have a great upcoming week!

Elder Foxx

Oh… and so as I was on exchanges with two other missionaries, we find this thing as we were walking around the neighborhood. (Picture below…) Sooo yeah. Don’t see that every day.

Anyone need a couch?


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