Week 32; June 16, 2014: Happy P-Day!


Happy P-Day

So I am now transferred to the Boulder Creek stake and am covering the Monterey and Highland wards. My new companion is Elder Rosen from Logan, Utah and once again, I’m living in an apartment. The other Elders we live with is Elder Warner and Elder Parsons (yup, again). Thus far, this transfer has been a blast as far as all the missionaries that I live with. Everyone’s a complete goof-off but we all get along extremely well.

The new address is:
4776 E. Guadalupe RD. Apt# 2088 Gilbert, AZ 85236.

The area we cover is a little slow. Once again, I’m in area where we don’t have investigators. Although that is already starting to change and we just got a new investigator and taught the Restoration on Saturday. The situation is that her son joined the church about a year ago and is now preparing to serve a mission and now his mom is finally willing to take the discussions. So that’s really cool! We saw her at church the very next day, which is awesome. So hopefully everything goes well with that. And we are slowly getting more potential investigators, so hopefully we can get the work progressing fast.

And we also have a QuickTrip literally right outside our apartment. So Wednesday was the first time I had a soda from QT in 7 months. Dang, did I miss that. And we’ve pretty much gone to it while we rode home every single night. So that’s awesome.

So all is going pretty well so far. Not much else to report on. Hope you guys have a great week!

Elder Foxx


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