Week 34; June 30, 2014: Pickle Juice

Well, can’t say a whole lot ended up happening this last week.

Every time Elder Rosen goes on exchanges with Elder Warner, they go to Bahama Bucks, which is a shaved ice place. And they have these different challenges that, if you beat the challenge, you get your photo on the wall. So those two completed the “Everest” challenge which is a 42 oz cup and they had to finish it in under 40 minutes and they completed it in 18. Weeell, the next challenge was the challenge that Elder Parsons, Elder Warner, and Elder Rosen chose to take on (I didn’t, and you’ll see why.) It was the “Pickle Juice” challenge. You had to eat a small “Pickle juice.” Doesn’t matter how long, you just had to eat it. Elder Warner couldn’t finish it at all. He just couldn’t do it. Elder Parsons finished in 9 minutes, amazingly enough. And Elder Rosen took 20 minutes. And as we were biking home to grab our stuff, the sun was beating down and wearing on them and by the time they got home, every one hit the toilet and started throwing up. Literally, the entire house (except for me, obviously) was sick. We couldn’t go out and work, they were just feeling horrible. So I have no regrets.

But then it didn’t end at that day… pretty much every day after that, all three of them were sick and couldn’t do anything. It lasted for the entire week. We still tried our best to work and everything, but there were just points where they had to go back to the toilet every 10 minutes and they had to stay home because they were not feeling well. I don’t know what it is, because I wouldn’t think that Bahama Bucks would have that much of a lasting effect, despite how nasty that flavor would be.

Soooo sadly, not too good of a week. And this has been a difficult transfer work-wise because we can’t get a hold of or contact any of our potential investigators and referrals. (although a big part of that is that the sisters are poaching our area hardcore and as a result, we’re losing member trust in one of our wards, but that’s a looooooooooooong story that I don’t need to get into)

Anyway, things are going alright apart from that. Just pressing on. Hope you guys have a great week!

Elder Foxx

So here is something we saw on the sidewalk…Dinosaur Grafitti

And here’s what I decided to draw when I was bored last P-Day. It is the 100% doctrinal depiction of what happened when the Egyptians came back for Moses and the Israelites after Moses already parted the red sea.

Moses Drawing


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