Week 38; July 28, 2014: Deja Vu

Sooo I am back in Temple View Zone. That’s pretty weird. Get transferred out of that zone after being in it for 6 weeks just to come back literally 6 weeks later. I am now with Elder Furse (from Hurricane, Utah) who was my District Leader while I was in Temple View. So not only am I in the same zone, I’m in the same district and the same apartment complex (I’m just in the apartment literally downstairs). The other Elders that live with us are Elder Peterson and Elder Glouse (the assistants)
My address is:
2910 S. Greenfield Rd. #2015
Gilbert, AZ 85295
For the very first time, I am in a car area. Right in time for when it gets really hot. We cover the Gateway and Pecos Park ward. Gateway ward is pretty much just the houses over at the ASU campus and Pecos Park Ward is right next to Cooley Station ward (the ward I covered the last time I was in Temple View zone)
Thus far, this transfer has been chaotic. Thursday, we were told that the Elders that live in the third floor of the apartment had to move out because there was some mold in their apartment and the housing coordinators wanted them to get out as soon as possible. The original plan (what we were told) was that Elder Carrol and McStraw (zone leaders) would move to a house and that Elder Ramon and LeGrand (Elders that cover the area I covered the last time I was here, who are on bikes) to the apartment we live in and Elder Furse and I would move into the apartments with Elder McBride and Whitecar (since we have a car). So me and Elder Furse start packing all of our stuff (which sucks because I literally JUST finished unpacking everything) and then we’re told by the Housing Coordinators that me and Elder Furse are staying and that Elder Ramon and LeGrand will be moving with Elder McBride and Whitecar… soooo we just unpacked for nothing. But then wait? That doesn’t make sense. Elder Ramon and LeGrand are on bikes (and Elder Ramon is from Micronesia and Elder LeGrand is from France, so neither of them can legally drive, so they can’t get a car) and it is a 15 minute car drive from their new apartment to their area. How does that work? Well, the AP’s gave Elder Furse and I essentially unlimited miles so we could act as Taxi and give Elder Ramon and Elder LeGrand rides over to their area. As a result, it’s been killing a lot of time and we haven’t had that much time to work in our actual area.
Soooo things have been pretty hectic.
We’ve been getting lots of dust storms and one day of rain. The rain’s been nice, but of course the car looks absolutely horrible. Apparently Elder Furse was going to get the car washed on Wednesday night, but because we were too busy it didn’t happen. Good thing it didn’t happened because that would have really sucked.
Anyway, beyond that, there’s not really too much to report on. I appreciate the Birthday wishes and goodies! Love you all and hope you all have a great week!
Elder Foxx
Elder Foxx with Christian Kaufman
Christian Kaufman (been a member for a year and is leaving for his mission in Eugene, Oregon in a few months) and his mother (we’ve taught her a couple of the lessons)
Elder Foxx with Brother Tabile
Brother Tabile (WML Highland Ward)

Week 37; July 21, 2014: Transferring again

Welp, I wish I had something really exciting or new to mention about something that happened this week… buuuut this week has pretty much been following the pattern of last week and the week before. Get some potential… and it reaches a dead end. For the first time ever, we FINALLY contacted a referral that we’ve been trying to contact since the beginning of the transfer. Finally set up a time to teach her… aaaand she stood us up. Can’t say I’m too surprised.

Beyond that, the most exciting thing happening is… I’M GETTING TRANSFERRED. Yup, I’m 6-weeking an area again. So time to start packing up and changing addresses again. Man, feels like I just went through this.

Anyway, that’s about all to report on. This transfer has kind of just been a dead-end transfer. Hope you all have a great week!

Elder Foxx

(Note from Mom: Elder Foxx will be celebrating his 20th birthday tomorrow! Happy Birthday Elder Foxx!)

Week 36; July 13, 2014: Hard Times

Sooooooo there’s pretty much nothing new to update. Just the same thing that’s been going on every week. Get a referral – Can’t contact them. Finally contact someone and set up an appointment – They stood us up. Get a new investigator and teach a first discussion – Get dropped just a couple days later right before our next appointment.

Literally if we could contact all of our referrals and none of our investigators have dropped us shortly after one visit, we’d have 11-12 investigators we’d be teaching. Right now, we’re teaching 0.

Elder Foxx

Week 35; July 7, 2014: AZ Gilbert Mission Anniversary

So last Monday on June 30th, we had a special P-Day celebration to celebrate the 1-Year anniversary of the Arizona Gilbert Mission. From 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM, the whole mission came to a park in Queen Creek and had Pancakes for breakfast and a bunch of water activities such as throwing water balloons and water guns and other things.

Then Tuesday, July 1st was literally the day of the 1-Year Anniversary and as a mission we all went to the Gilbert Temple that morning. So that was pretty cool. It was so weird seeing a lot of the missionaries though. Because I’m now at that point in my mission where I am recognizing missionaries that are going home at the end of this transfer. It’s weird… at the beginning of the mission, I obviously didn’t recognize anyone and hardly anyone was coming home. Last transfer, 6 missionaries came home and I knew every one of them. And this transfer, I can count 6 missionaries that I know of that are going home. And I’m seeing so many other missionaries that I do not recognize that are new. It’s kind of weird…

Then on the 4th of July, we pretty much had a full day off essentially. Because they want us to take 1 hour each day extra now to read the Book of Mormon. And they changed the time for Weekly Planning to being every Friday from 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM to being 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM. And we had to be home by 7:00 PM. So we didn’t have any time to go and proselyte.

So during lunch hour, we went to Bahama Bucks and got an American flag colored snowcone and it was pretty awesome! (no idea what the flavors were)

Bahama Bucks- RWB

And for Weekly Planning, we brought an entire Watermelon to the church building and snacked on that as we were planning… and Elder Rosen brought his ipod and played loads of patriotic songs throughout planning. And we went to a barbeque at the Lea’s home where loads of people were there so we chatted with a few people while we were there, but quickly had to leave so we could be home by 7:00 PM. The only thing that was really disappointing about 4th of July was that we didn’t get the chance to watch any fireworks whatsoever… but oh well.

Beyond that, the week has been pretty typical as far as the work goes. We aren’t able to get a hold of any of the potential investigators or referrals we’ve received (quite a few of them are making it pretty obvious they’re dodging us) and we just found out we’re getting poached from AGAIN… sooo honestly there’s nothing really new going on here.

Anyway, glad to hear you guys had a good 4th of July and I hope that you guys have a great week this week!

Elder Foxx