Week 37; July 21, 2014: Transferring again

Welp, I wish I had something really exciting or new to mention about something that happened this week… buuuut this week has pretty much been following the pattern of last week and the week before. Get some potential… and it reaches a dead end. For the first time ever, we FINALLY contacted a referral that we’ve been trying to contact since the beginning of the transfer. Finally set up a time to teach her… aaaand she stood us up. Can’t say I’m too surprised.

Beyond that, the most exciting thing happening is… I’M GETTING TRANSFERRED. Yup, I’m 6-weeking an area again. So time to start packing up and changing addresses again. Man, feels like I just went through this.

Anyway, that’s about all to report on. This transfer has kind of just been a dead-end transfer. Hope you all have a great week!

Elder Foxx

(Note from Mom: Elder Foxx will be celebrating his 20th birthday tomorrow! Happy Birthday Elder Foxx!)


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