Week 39; August 4, 2014: Sprain

So this week has again had most of our time eaten away by having to play taxi for Elder Ramon and Elder LeGrand. Although, the housing coordinators (on Friday) changed housing AGAIN so they moved Ramon and LeGrand and the assistants into a new house that is closer to their area so they can bike and they moved the zone leaders over into our apartment. So now the zone leaders live with us.

Then we go to get the car washed in the morning of Friday and at the end of the night when we wrote down our miles, we found out that the credit card used for gas just got stolen. YAAAAAAY!!! Another way to make the day just absolutely fantastic! So the Vehicle Coordinator cancelled the card and it’ll take two weeks for us to get a new one. So in the meanwhile, if we get gas, he has to drive on over to where we are to help refill the tank using his money.

Then on Saturday, I tripped and twisted my ankle wrong and got a sprained leg. YAAAAAAY!!!

Welp, on the bright side, it has been nice getting the rain. And I got a couple of pics of cool clouds/sunsets as a result from the rain.

And on Saturday morning, we helped clean up the stake center right next to the Gilbert Temple and because one of the Elders had the keys, we were able to go up to the roof of the stake center to get a nice view of the Gilbert Temple and thus take some more awesome pics.

That’s about it for this week.

Love you all! Elder Foxx


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