Week 43; September 1, 2014: Horsin’ Around

So this week, we continued teaching the German foreign exchange student and that’s going relatively well. Right now, we are just focusing more on “Faith in Jesus Christ” and “Prayer” and trying to give her more of a motivation to pray. I’m thinking that it might be good to sometime soon show her the movie “Finding Faith in Christ.” But we’ll see.

Then Thursday was EXCHANGES!!! I went out of my area to be with Elder Legrand (the missionary from France) and essentially went to my old area back when I was with Elder Peery (Cooley Station and Chapparal). Although I guess they now have a third ward that they cover (the Maplewood ward) so it’s a little different. But it was super fun. I’ve realized that I have honestly missed being in a bike area. I dunno what it is about being on a bike versus being on a car, but when I’m in a car, I don’t feel like a missionary as much as I do when I am on a bike. I dunno what it is, the bike is just part of the whole “missionary look.” But anyway, Elder Legrand had a birthday the day before and all the members in the ward were getting him birthday stuff and taking him out to eat and the day we were on exchanges, brother Sue (Cooley Station ward) took us out to Joe’s Farm Grill for a belated birthday lunch. That was pretty good! And then just stopped by a few people here and there and were able to get some pretty solid appointments set up for their area. And we spent some time OYM’ing some horses. I dunno, it was just a good day and a much needed break from the current situation I’m in.
Horse1 Horse2

On Friday night, we had dinner with this family named the Kinder’s over at the Gateway Married Student Ward. And everytime we visit this family, it is always a blast and the kids love us (they have two girls and two boys) and it’s always crazy in there. Well, this one time as we are walking out of the house, the smallest boy (his age is only a year and a half) starts running out over to our car and tries pulling on the handle and tries getting in the car. So I couldn’t help but take a picture of it. But he stayed standing there for a long while trying to get in with the car to come with us. One of the girls actually had to come over and pick him up and move him away so we could back up the car and head out, haha!


Saturday, we went to the baptism of one of the zone leader’s investigators (since Elder Furse did the baptismal interview), which turned out really well. But I found it funny because I looked at the program that was printed off and the scripture they used was Matthew 6:33. And my very first thought was “Huh… Interesting that they chose a verse that wasn’t entirely translated correctly.” (JST footnotes) I think it’s safe to say I know the scriptures decently now, lol!


And this week, we got our new Zone T-Shirts. Our zone is the “Temple View” zone, so it is just a blue shirt with the words “TVZ” on it and a design on the shoulder of the Gilbert Temple, which is pretty cool. And the Stake High Councilmen over Missionary Work offered to buy the entire zone the T-Shirts, so we didn’t even have to pay for them.



Anyway, those are the big highlights of this week! Hope you all have a wonderful day!


Elder Foxx


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