Week 44; September 8, 2014: Flooding in Queen Creek

So I got transferred over to Queen Creek in the San Tan zone and my new companion is Elder McGonigal from Northern California. The house we live in is really interesting because it’s almost closer to a barn with a big open dirt yard all around us. And it is just the two of us that live in the house. No room-mates this time. The two wards we cover are “Seville” and “Seville Park.” In both of the wards, we have quite a few youth compared to my last areas (especially Seville ward). Seville ward currently has 16 missionaries serving away from it. And we went over to Priest’s quorum for the 3rd hour on Sunday and the Bishop’s office was packed with about 10-12 priests (and 3 adult leaders + us missionaries, so about 15-17 people in that small room)

We have a car right now, but we barely ever use it. We only get 400 miles per month for this car, so we’ve just been using it to get to church, meetings, and P-Day (and emergencies if need be). So even though we have a car, I’m pretty much in a bike area again.

As per usual during the week of transfers, this past week pretty much mostly consisted of trying to get to know everyone in the wards. We don’t have much of a teaching pool. We have a potential here and there and we have a part-member family referral from one of the bishops (I can’t remember which) that seems pretty solid, but not a whole lot going on yet.

Last night, it started pouring rain. So much so that we woke up this morning to find two inches of rain on the concrete and our living room a little flooded (some of the water seeped through the door somehow and got on the floor). And it’s still raining pretty hard. So we had to try and clean a little bit of that this morning. That was interesting.

I completely forgot to bring my camera with me, so I don’t have any pictures to send right now, but I will send some next week.

But anyway, things are going well. Elder McGonigal and I really get along, which is good. This Friday, it will be officially 10 months into the mission. That’s a weird thought. I’m now starting to hit double digits into the mission field.

Hope you all have a great week!

Love, Elder Foxx


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