Week 46; September 22, 2014: TV Donation Fail

On Tuesday, we had dinner with the Attridge’s. The first thing we’re asked to do (since dinner wasn’t ready yet) was help move this 20-year old TV over to their truck so that they could drive it over to the D.I. later. So me and Elder McGonigal start lifting up the TV… and it was no sooner that the bottom of the TV snaps completely off. Brother Attridge laughed about it a little bit and said he knew the bottom was very weak. Then we tried moving the rest of the TV and we barely even get to pick it up before the back of the TV completely breaks off from the front monitor end and the entire TV is trashed.

Then on Friday, we met with the investigator family we visited previously. They pretty much went through all of the lessons and we were trying to get them to commit to a baptismal date. So we planned out a lesson centered around one of the chapters of the Book of Mormon and then try to extend the baptismal commitment. With this in mind, we go to the lesson and the father starts off by taking the lead on what we were going to talk about by asking a bunch of questions. He just came back from Ohio and has contemplated about his dad and his mom and wants to know where they stand before God. He explained that his mother was a good Christian and his father was a very good man, but doesn’t know how much he has fit into the Christian lifestyle. So we quickly reviewed the Plan of Salvation lesson with a major emphasis on the Spirit world. And we talked about how everyone who ever lived here on earth will have an opportunity to receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ and accept it out of their own choice in the spirit world. And that it is one of the big reasons we have temples, so that we can perform saving ordinances in behalf of those who have gone before. And he was really concerned with knowing what he can do to help his parents and explained that the best thing to do was to be baptized himself and then go to the temple and be baptized in behalf of his parents.

He then explained how he slipped the past week when it came to alcohol. During the trip to Ohio, he had a little bit to get over what was going on and everything. We told him that was okay and that was what the Atonement is for is so that we can repent and improve and explained that it was very possible for him to overcome that. We asked what it was they felt they needed to do so that they could get progress towards baptism. And he went through everything about the church and explained that everything else was good, it was just the alcohol that was the problem. So we said, “Okay, let’s set a date we all can work for.” and extended the baptismal date for October 11th, and gave him a blessing to overcome the alcohol addiction.

The lesson went really, really well! So if all goes well with them, we should be getting a baptism on October 11th!!! That’s really exciting!

Anyway, those are the big highlights of what happened this week. Sunday was the Primary program, so all the primary kids came up to sing and everything.

Hope you all have a great week!

Elder Foxx

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