Week 48; October 6, 2014: Great week!

So this week, we’re still working with the ‘C’ family  and with ‘K’. Things are going well with both of them. We continue to meet with ‘K’ twice a week to read from the Book of Mormon and just continue to build and increase her testimony. She was over at people’s homes and was able to watch all the sessions of conference, which is really good. And the ‘C’ family are doing well. They just watched conference at their home and they watched it Saturday, but apparently they didn’t watch it on Sunday (not sure why yet), and we’re going to be meeting with them again tonight to talk about the specifics of the baptism (who they want to baptize them, who they want to speak/etc.) We do have a time reserved for the building at 2:00 PM, so everything is good with that. Anyway, so that is really exciting!

We went to the Temple last Wednesday at the 7:00 AM session, which was nice. I noticed that they replaced the painting they had at the chapel with a different one, so that took me for a surprise. And then we went to Kneader’s afterwards and found it to be extremely crowded.

We had an Expanded zone conference on Thursday night (which is like a normal zone conference, but all of the leadership and missionary-minded members of three different stakes were invited). Unfortunately, only one person in both of our wards combined actually showed up to it. We were inviting all of the ward mission leaders/ward missionaries/auxiliaries/priests/etc. but for one reason or another, they could not come. There was this random football game that was going on between Basha and Perry High Schools (which are the dominate high schools that people in our wards go to) and so that slashed a good chunk of the people that would have come otherwise. So that kind of sucked. Still, the conference itself was pretty good and really got everyone to think more about what we can specifically do to invite people. One thing in particular that stood out is how we tend to think that when we give invitations that it is a “one perfect invitation in one perfect time – all or nothing, and if they don’t accept the invitation then that’s the end of everything.” In reality, it usually takes about seven to eight invitations before someone accepts one of those invitations. So we just need to keep inviting with love and not give up, even if it takes years and years of working with people.

General Conference was of course really good. A couple nights before Conference, the zone leaders told us we weren’t allowed to watch conference at a member or investigator’s home, so that was no longer an option. Not sure why, but whatever. So we ended up just staying in the stake center for a good majority of the day both days. But still, it was good. I think one of my favorite talks are on President Uchtdorf’s talk in the Priesthood Session about looking inward and letting go of our pride. He talks about the Savior at the Last Supper and how he tells them “one of you will betray me.” Rather than pointing fingers or thinking, “Oh, I wonder if it is that guy over there who is going to betray him,” they all look inward and say, “Lord, is it I?”

I also really liked the talk Elder Bednar gave Saturday Afternoon talking specifically to those who are not members of the Church and explains why it is that we do missionary work. We are not selling a product, nor are we simply trying to increase membership in the church. We are sharing that which brings us happiness, knowing that it will bring them happiness. I liked the story he shared about his two sons, one of which gets a scrape on his arm. And the older brother gets dish soap and scrubs it all over his younger brother, and his younger brother screams and howls, but eventually calms down when the older brother spreads this bottle of ointment all over him and then places bandages all across the arm. The younger brother, then excited about how much better he feels, takes the ointment and bandages and looks to place it on others so they can also receive the same comfort. It is the same with the Gospel. Surely if we suddenly discovered a cure to some great disease, we would share it with everyone. Nobody would think that is odd. Why then would it be odd to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the ultimate cure to any spiritual disease?

We finally got in contact with the ‘R’ family again (they were out of town for the past couple of weeks) last night. They said they’ll be out of town again next week in Alabama and then a couple weeks later will be out of town again. So it’s sounding like they’ll be difficult to keep a hold of, which is a little frustrating. But we talked for a little bit to get to know them a little bit more and we set up an appointment to meet with them this upcoming Thursday night, so hopefully all goes well there. There is also another potential investigator in Seville ward. The Ward Mission Leader has this friend who is interested in taking the discussions and she was actually over at the their place for General Conference and seemed to really like it. So if we can get in contact with her, then that’ll be another investigator we’d get to teach.

Things are rocking here in this area! I really hope I get to stay here this time because things are going so well!

Hope you all have a great week!

Love, Elder Foxx


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