Week 51; October 27, 2014: Happy Halloween!

So this week was pretty slow. Half of the lessons that we had set up had to cancel at the last minute for one reason or another, so that was rough. Last Friday, our zone started a competition for who can find the best Halloween decorated house and take a picture of it. So throughout this week, we made it a point to take pictures of a lot of the houses we came across. We saw some really cool ones (including a few of the “lights that sync up to different songs” houses) and Elder McGonigal and I won second place with one of the houses. But the winner (being Elder Petty and Elder Christainsen) was a tough one to beat. The house was full of every single kind of Halloween decoration you could find and the house was extremely long.

So since Elder Petty and Elder Christainsen (used to be Elder MacFarlene) moved in, they have been trying to find an alternative house within or near their area boundaries that they could refer to the vehicle coordinators and move into that one. There was this one small apartment that one of the members of their ward referred to the vehicle coordinators. Elder Petty and Christainsen were hoping to at least see the inside of the home before moving in… but on Tuesday morning, the assistants suddenly call them and tell them that to pack up their things and that they were moving to this new apartment before they even got a chance to look around in it. Not even the vehicle coordinators looked into it. They kind of just randomly decided to move them in there. So we had to take a good chunk of the day moving them out and moving them into their new home. And as difficult as it was having them live in our home with the tiny bedroom and one bathroom, I don’t envy them for the new apartment they moved to. Their apartment has a toilet that is the size of the nursery toilets at the church buildings, the air conditioning is either freezing at 50 or not on at all, there is no microwave, and the only washer and dryer there in the apartment is outside and it is a community washer and dryer where you have to pay $1.00 to use them. Soooo they downgraded. They were not happy at all.

So now it is just me and Elder McGonigal living alone in the house again. It’s weird… it’s a lot more quiet… I don’t know, it kind of sucks not having room-mates because then you literally only have your companion to talk to and that’s it. And I don’t care how much you like someone, you’re eventually going to get tired of just talking to them especially after spending literally the entire day being with that one person.

On Wednesday during lunch hour, the zone had a pumpkin carving contest, which was pretty fun. Our Pumpkin started out as just the Superman logo, but then when we saw how quickly it got done compared to others who were still working on their’s, we ended up putting in the Batman logo on there too. And since we realized that they Batman logo was off-center, we decided to put in the Flash logo on there too. So it became a DC-themed pumpkin.

On Saturday morning, we went to the Sister’s area and helped did service with them for one of their members. What did we do? Tried our best to clean out the house. Basically, we were trying to clean out a hoarder’s house. This woman had a TON of just… junk, really. And she would not let us throw half this stuff away. At first, she said, “Okay, if you find any paper you can just throw it away.” And we found DVD cases that were made to hold 100 DVD’s that were FILLED with coupons for different things, most of which were “Save 50 cents on such and such item” and I’m sure half of them were expired. And we found an entire backpack full of newspapers and coupons and most of them were expired and we were about to throw them away and she walked in and got super ticked and told us to put those things out of the trash bag back into the backpack. We tried as best as we could to clean the house out, but with her not willing to get rid of the stuff she’s never going to use, not a lot of progress was made. It was frustrating!
Apart from that, not a whole lot happened. We had an appointment with the Chadwick’s this upcoming Friday, but then it occurred to us all that that was Halloween. So we have to reschedule that. We also stopped by our investigator who is on date for November 11th and just talked more about the Baptismal program. And the lesson we were supposed to have with the Reader’s last Monday cancelled, so hopefully we’ll get in with them tonight. We tried calling to confirm the appointment, but no response yet. It’s been kind of a slow week.

Hope you all have a great week!

Elder Foxx

Here are pictures of our pumpkins!
PumpkinCarving1 PumpkinCarving2 PumpkinCarving3 PumpkinCarving4 PumpkinCarving5 PumpkinCarving6 PumpkinCarving7 PumpkinCarving8 PumpkinCarving9 PumpkinCarving10 PumpkinCarving11 PumpkinCarving12

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