Week 55: November 24, 2014: Keeping Busy!

So on Monday of last week, Elder McGonigal shipped his bike home and borrowed a member’s bike to use for his last week in the mission. Tuesday was District Meeting and it was very tough for Elder McGonigal since it was his last District Meeting in the mission. We went out as a zone to lunch at Joe’s Farm Grill (which is a FANTASTIC place!) and tried contacting several people.

Tuesday, we had a lesson with a former investigator who we contacted about a month ago and had our first lesson about two weeks ago. We followed up with her on how the Book of Mormon reading is going and she said she hadn’t read it. We reminded her about the importance of reading and praying and asked what the reasons were she wasn’t reading it. She said it was because she was busy and so we asked if we could text her and send her reminders and specific reading assignments to help her remember to read and she said that would be fine. So we have been doing that. Whether she read it or not, we’ll find out later, but she said she won’t be able to meet until about two weeks from then… so she’ll be a slow one to work with.

We also met with the Chadwick’s that night and continued to talk about Family History Work and the Temple and trying to get them set up for that. The Family History Consultant did stop by, but apparently didn’t have enough time to do much, so it’ll be a while before they can start taking names to the Temple. We had dinner with them on Saturday, with the Mabee’s over as well, and they gave us these ribs they got from a place called “Mad Dog’s Saloon.” And they were the greatest ribs I ever had in my life! The meat just falls off the bone clean! You don’t have to gnaw at the bone to get chunks of meat, the meat and the bone are nearly separate in how easily the meat comes off of it. But they were really good. Saturday was the last time we were over at their house, so we shared a message and Elder McGonigal said his goodbyes.

On Sunday, Brother Chadwick blessed the Sacrament, so that was really cool to see and he did a great job! Sunday was a bit of a long day because now we have pretty much all-day church (Seville – 10:00 AM, Seville Park – 12:00 PM, Seville Groves – 2:00 PM). We weren’t able to get to Seville Groves sacrament meeting because Elder McGonigal had his departing interview with President Nattress at 2:00, but we did attend the rest of church at Seville Groves. Since Brother Mabee got moved from Seville to Seville Groves, the new ward mission leader for Seville will be Brother Laux. And the new ward mission leader for Seville Groves is… Brother Mabee. Haha! So that won’t be different at all.

I don’t have a whole lot of time for emailing right now because we’ll need to get shopping soon and Elder McGonigal needs to be dropped off at the Mission Office in literally less than two hours from now. But this week has been really interesting. Elder McGonigal and I have been meeting with loads of people, working to get appointments, and there are some things that are picking up in this area. We potentially have two new investigators and we gained another from Seville Groves that got put in from the Sister’s area. But I know it’s been hard at the same time. It’s weird being with a missionary who is going home. I think right now, he is finally content with the fact that it’s happening, but during his last District Meeting, he was getting pretty emotional. He’s going to miss the mission and everyone here will miss him. He was asked to speak during Seville Ward’s Sacrament Meeting. It’s going to be weird in a couple hours when we drop him off at the Mission Office. This isn’t a typical, “Oh, my companion is being transferred” scenario. Because the Arizona Gilbert Mission is so small, we get to see each other all the time at zone conferences and every single transfer meeting has the entire mission meet there. So you’re always getting to see everyone. But with Elder McGonigal, he’s not just getting transferred… he’s going home. I will not be able to see him again. And it’s a really weird feeling. Transfer calls came and only three people are being transferred, so I’m not going anywhere. But it’s going to be really weird… it’s even weirder to think that in a year from now, I’ll be in his position. But yeah… I’m gonna miss him.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great week!

Love, Elder Foxx


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