Week 56; December 1, 2014: Thanksgiving

Well, this has been an extremely interesting week. Monday afternoon at 3:30 PM, Brother Harris came by and met us at our house and picked up Elder McGonigal to take him to the Mission Office. In a way, it was kind of depressing seeing him go. There’s a reason that in missionary terms, they refer to being someone’s last companion as “killing them.” Because it almost felt like he was dead, just in thinking that I won’t be seeing him again for a long time. It was really weird. It was REALLY weird. So from then on, I was in a trio with Elder Petty and Elder Christensen in their area from Monday evening to Wednesday morning. Then Wednesday itself was Transfer meeting.

And my new companion is… ELDER ANDERSON! Now this was a very interesting transfer right here. Elder Anderson came out in December of last year and has served in the San Tan zone (the zone I’m in right now) his entire mission so far. And his area was over on Power Ranch in the San Tan stake. And that was his only area his entire mission. So then he finally gets a transfer call and gets a District Leader call and he ends up transferring just a stake away to the Queen Creek Chandler Heights stake with me and STILL stays in the San Tan zone. He’s staying in one single zone for over a year. That’s crazy! We keep joking with him saying that this will be the last area of his mission and that he will have served his entire mission in one single zone. But yeah, it’s pretty crazy. So I already knew about him before I was companions with him. So he’s been out for just about a year and is from Ogden, Utah.

So Wednesday evening was really interesting because at 6:30 PM, the Sisters had a baptismal interview for one of their investigators. They already told me on Monday evening since it was assumed that I would be with a District Leader since Elder McGonigal was a District Leader. So we had dinner with one of the families in our area at 5:00 PM and then at 6:30 went to the Baptismal interview. Then at the last minute, our zone leaders give us a call saying, “Hey, Elder Anderson, you have two baptismal interviews to do tonight!” So Elder Anderson had to do three baptismal interviews HIS FIRST NIGHT as District Leader. Wow! That’s a way to break him into this calling, haha! So we had a baptismal interview at 6:30, 7:15, and 8:00. Soooo we didn’t have the chance to work in our area at all that day.

Then the next day was Thanksgiving! at 7:00 AM, there was a member in the San Tan Park ward who wanted to have all the missionaries in our zone over for Breakfast. So we went over there and had some food. Then we went to Brother Laux, who is the new ward mission leader for Seville ward and talked to them about the “He is The Gift” initiative the church is doing this Christmas… and then had some food. Then we had Thanksgiving dinner with the Martin’s from Seville ward at 2:00 PM, and there was a LOT more people there than I was expecting. I never been to the Martin’s home before, but it is HUGE and there was loads of people there. I would say at least about 50-60 people. And so everyone was all over the place, some watching football, others eating outside, kids playing in the bouncy house in the backyard, etc. It was pretty chaotic. We were hoping to share a message on “He Is The Gift,” but with everyone running around everywhere, we figured it just wasn’t a possibility. Then we stopped by Kerry Kenney and by that time, I was already super stuffed and she offered some food. If this was a year ago, I probably would have been able to eat more. I don’t know, I feel that being in the mission field has weakened my stomach in some areas because I feel like I can’t eat as much as I used to without getting full. Maybe it’s just getting older, I dunno.

Then on Friday, we tried stopping by a few people from Seville Groves ward that Bishop Hunsaker asked us to stop by. Not many people were home/answered the door. Saturday was busy and we didn’t get to do a lot because the Sister’s baptism was at 12:00 and one of the zone leader’s baptism was at 4:00, so we had to go to those since Elder Anderson did the Baptismal interviews and then the rest of the time we tried stopping by the Bishops and Ward Mission Leaders and dropping off the progress records and discussing the work. Gotta say it’s really tough trying to balance out managing three wards. I mean, we want to focus on Seville Groves because it is a brand new ward and it needs to start off with a good start, but then Seville Park has a lot of stuff happening and a lot of potential new investigators to get, but then Seville also has a part-member family we’re trying to teach and a few potential investigators. It’s crazy. Busy, busy.

Sunday, we had all-day church. Seville ward starts at 10:00, Seville Park starts at 12:00, Seville Groves starts at 2:00. So we had church from 10:00 – 5:00. And for the third hour at each ward, the stake had the Bishop, Ward Mission Leader, someone from the Stake High Council, and us (the missionaries) talk about the new Christmas initiative “He Is The Gift.” It is very similar to the Easter initiative, “Because of Him” where the church will be buying out the YouTube banner for most of the month of December and buying out billboards in Times Square for this video about how the Savior is the most important gift we should focus on this Christmas. And so we were busy giving presentations on that. He Is The Gift is pretty cool and I can see a lot of miracles happen as a result of this if we use it to the extent the Brethren want us to use it. The video is over on: christmas.mormon.org and also is one the Arizona Gilbert Mission page on: http://www.arizonagilbertmission.com/

Oh, and also Elder Petty and Elder Hansen (Christensen got transferred) are now living in the Cloud house because the apartment they were living in got flooded. So we have four missionaries living with us again! YAAAAY! (sarcasm) The house is a complete disaster right now. But whatever, I can deal. It just means that we know what a majority of our P-Day today is going to be… Also, our fridge is FULL of Thanksgiving leftovers people keep giving us. We also ate an entire pumpkin pie last night (we cut the entire pie into four slices and each ate it). Probably not the smartest thing to do, but whatever. We had fun.

It’s going to be an interesting transfer, that’s for sure. But anyway, apart from all the craziness that has happened, all is well. Hope that you all have a wonderful week! Happy Belated Thanksgiving and Happy first day of December!

Love, Elder Foxx

Elder Foxx and Elder McGonigal


Thanksgiving Elder Foxx and his new companion, Elder Anderson.
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