Week 60; December 29, 2014: Happy New Year!

So last week was Christmas Week!

So they turned last Monday into a half P-Day since they were turning Christmas into an all-day P-Day. So we had P-Day from 10:00 – 2:00 instead of 10:00 – 6:00, so we could do emailing and shopping and that’s it. Just like what they did last year. So Monday afternoon, we had a lesson with a less-active family in Seville ward and shared the “He Is The Gift” presentation with them. In that evening, we went caroling as a zone into our area. The idea is that we would carol at random doors and after singing, we would have a portable DVD Player with us and share “He Is The Gift” and then invite them to learn more. We got one return appointment and two other people that said, “Just stop by anytime outside of this week.” So that was pretty cool. We have gone caroling as a zone three different times in three different areas and every time we caroled, we have always gotten at least one return appointment. So that was pretty cool.

Tuesday, we had another lesson with the Thompson’s. We followed up to see if they read and prayed about the Book of Mormon and they haven’t. So then (since the lesson was on December 23rd) we centered it around more of a Christmas message and read some scriptures from the Book of Mormon like Alma 7:10-12 and shared “He Is The Gift” with the question, “What are some of the gifts that God gave us and what are ways that we can give back?” So they answer with “Reading scriptures, praying, service,” and then the mother said, “By keeping the commandments and keeping covenants.” So we then talked about the covenant of Baptism and what it means and then soft-committed them to Baptism (when you find out these things are true, will you be Baptized?) and re-committed them to read the Book of Mormon and specifically 3rd Nephi.

Christmas Eve, we had dinner with the Swapp’s, which is a family in Seville ward that has a missionary return home – Jordan Swapp (he returned home around the same time Elder McGonigal did). So we were there for a little bit and then went caroling as a zone again for the evening.

Then came Christmas, which was an all-day P-Day. Started off the day by opening a few packages and presents and then went on over to the Mizukawa’s to Skype home. After that, we had Christmas dinner with the Swanson’s and then we went together as a zone and watched Lion King. And the entire time, me and another missionary (Elder Marler) were writing notes during the whole movie about how everything in Lion King ties into the Gospel. I ended up writing three pages of notes by the end of it, it was pretty crazy. When we got home, it was kind of weird to think that Christmas was no over. Christmas is kind of interesting holiday where there is a whole lot of build-up to it and then Christmas finally happens and it comes and goes and it’s like, “Oh… well… Christmas has come now. Huh. That’s weird.”

December 26th was Weekly Planning and afterwards, we had F.H.A. with the Esplin’s and did White Elephant Gift Exchanges. I gave this Ninja Bow&Arrow toy, which ended up being fought over by three different missionaries and it ended up in the hands of Sister Taylor (who is from Japan- so it works). The funniest part of that day was one of the gifts that one of the Elders gave. There was this big box wrapped up and he warned everyone that it was “fragile.” And I heard it making noises every now and then (bumping the box) and so I was wondering, “Uuuuuh, what do you have in there?” Finally, it was Sister Seastrand (which was perfect that it was a Sister that opened it) who picked that box and she opened it and out popped up the head of a live Chicken. She freaked out so hard and we were laughing so much! It was pretty funny! There was a member who owns chickens and gave this Elder this chicken because it wouldn’t lay any more eggs, so he used it for the White Elephant Gift. It was really funny, I wish I had my camera out (or that SOMEONE would have had their camera out). It was easily the highlight of the day!

Then on 10:05 PM that night, our bathroom got flooded and so I was trying to clean it and grab as many towels as I can to have it soak in all the water… then I ended up slipping and I fell and twisted my left ankle. The next day, I called the mission nurse, she referred us to the Urgent Care over on San Tan Valley. We waited there for two hours and finally they called me up and took a couple X-Rays, wrapped my foot, gave me crutches (personally I don’t think I need crutches, but they told me I had to use them anyway) and said I had to meet with another doctor this week. Sooooooo yeah. Fun stuff.

So apart from that, this last week was pretty good. It’s weird to think that another Christmas has come and gone. And in just three days, it will be 2015. That’s really weird to think. I hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas and will have a Happy New Year!

Love, Elder Foxx


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