Week 61; January 5, 2014: Wearing a Boot

It is now the Year 2015! Kind of hard to believe 2014 came and went and it is already the same year that Marty McFly traveled to in the Back to the Future films.

This week went alright. I am now no longer in crutches and got it replaced with a boot, so moving around just became MUCH easier (can’t stand crutches!) But because of my condition, they told us we have as many miles on our car that we need since I can’t bike around anymore. So we have just been in the car the past week.

Now that the Holidays are starting to simmer down, a few more people are becoming more available, so that’s been nice. We mostly have been stopping by a few less-active and recent-converts. But we have got a few appointments set for this week, which is nice. We got a media referral for a woman named Liz that lives in the Seville Groves ward boundaries, kind of nearby Brother Mabee. So we stopped by and she answered and talked for a little bit and set up an appointment to teach the Restoration this Tuesday afternoon. So that’s pretty nice. Hopefully that will go well and we’ll have another good investigator to work with.

Transfer calls came… aaaaaaand…
Nothing is happening to either me or Elder Anderson. We’re both staying here. The rest of the zone is pretty interesting though. The two other Elders in our District are getting whitewashed out (meaning they are both being transferred). We’re guessing we’re gonna get sisters to replace them, but we don’t know.

So yeah, I’m staying another six weeks. I feel like they may be my last six weeks in the area. I’ll be staying in this area for 4 transfers = 6 months. That’s the longest I’ve ever stayed in an area, so I don’t know what’ll happen. I really hope that now that the Holiday season is over, we’ll see a lot more happen. It looks like it’ll pick up just from what I’ve seen the last week.

Anyway, hope everyone has had a great Christmas Season and had a Happy New Year’s Eve celebration! Happy New Year and here’s to a great year!

Elder Foxx

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