Week 62; January 12, 2014: Transfer Surprises

So Transfers came and went… and the transfer meeting was pretty crazy. There were a LOT of surprises as to who was going with who and where this transfer and what was happening to certain areas. There were five white-washes that happened this transfer! (white-wish means that both of the missionaries get transferred out instead of just one missionary getting transferred) and one of them was our zone leaders. We got the call that only Elder Hancock was leaving, but then President Nattress announced on the pulpit, “Bella Vista Zone Leaders – Elder Van Skyhawk and Elder Peery.” So he had to go all the way back to the house here to pack up because nothing of his was packed. One of the companionships in our District white-washed out and instead of replacing them with other missionaries, they re-arranged the area. So now the zone leaders are covering four wards, the Sisters are covering three, and me and Elder Anderson are covering three. The entire Queen Creek Chandler Heights Stake is now covered by just three sets of missionaries! That is really weird for the Gilbert Mission. With the numbers of missionaries in this mission continuing to decrease, the Gilbert Mission is almost going to feel like a normal mission (covering decent-sized areas, lots of wards, etc.)

Wednesday night, we had the lesson with Liz and it went pretty good. Just taught the Restoration and committed her to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. She seems pretty golden, there weren’t any concerns that came up whatsoever. She accepted everything fine, said she would read it, and said “yes” to the question, “When you learn these things are true for yourself, will you be Baptized?” So the husband was there for the first half of the lesson, but their 2-year old daughter was getting antsy, so he went away to tend to her. We stopped by a couple days later to invite them to church and it was just the husband that was home. But he let us in, was super friendly, we invited the whole family to church and told them what building and time it was in and he said that she works most Sundays, but if she has a week’s notice, she can swap her Sunday schedule with her Saturday schedule. And he said if she comes, he’d come and take the 2-year old daughter as well and he was saying he knows that she would love to come. So hopefully we should see them all at church this upcoming Sunday. We have another lesson with them set for Wednesday morning at 9:00 AM, so hopefully all goes well there.

Other than that, the church has been emphasizing in many of the North American missions to focus on the Over-Aged Youth of the wards (any children that have member parents that are over the age of 8 and have not been Baptized) and working with them. So we’ve been working a bit in that and went to Seville Park’s ward council Sunday morning and discussed it a bit. So that’s been a big focus.

Working with the other investigators is getting a little annoying at this point. Still haven’t got in with the Reader’s, haven’t had a lesson with the Thompson’s since two weeks ago, Kim hasn’t answered the door or responded to any of the calls or texts since she came to church the Sunday before Christmas…… so it’s been kind of frustrating. I was hoping things would pick up by now, but it is almost half-way through the month and not a whole lot has happened (not as much as I would like, I should say) Ah well…

Today officially marks 14 months in the mission. It’s really weird. It doesn’t feel like it at all. Whenever people would ask, “How long have you been out?” it seems really unnatural to say “14 months.” Anything over a year is weird to say.

Anyway, hope everyone has a great week!

Elder Foxx


Top: Elder Randall, Elder Simons, Elder Ault, Elder Anderson, Elder Van Skyhawk, Elder Brewer, Elder Petty, Elder Foxx, Elder Hansen, Elder Marler Bottom: Elder Tambo, Sister Seastrand, Sister Brown, Sister Taylor, Sister Hair, Elder Hancock




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