Week 65; February 2, 2015: Slow Week

So here are the pictures of Top Golf. A couple weeks late obviously, but whatever. It’s a really fun place!

As far as what has been going on this week, I honestly couldn’t really tell you much. It’s been a pretty rough week. We weren’t really able to get in with anyone this week. The most exciting thing that happened was that Elder Anderson had an MRI Thursday morning for his shoulder. He hurt it before his mission on a snowboarding accident and got it hurt again about four months ago and so he just had to get an MRI to get it checked out. We don’t know what the results are yet.

And on Saturday morning, we did a service project over in (I believe) the Queen Creek West Stake through the “Just Serve” program the church is doing. It was a food drive and so there were lots of different scout troops from different stakes that would come by and drop off loads of food and we organized it all into different boxes. That was kind of fun.

Beyond those two things, there’s really nothing exciting I can really say about this week. We haven’t been able to get in with anyone really this week. Our appointment with Liz got cancelled. We did get to stop by later in the week for a quick moment to just see how she’s doing. She’s read the passages of the Book of Mormon that we gave her, but nothing has changed about work. It is still just as crazy. And the family of five that we were teaching may or may not have been moving after all. Because we have been talking with lots of different people about the situation and everyone has different stories about them moving to one place or moving to another place or not moving at all, etc. So we don’t know the true story behind what’s going on with them – there’s just a lot of things they have been saying that just don’t add up. So that’s been really frustrating.

I don’t know what to do anymore. This area has a lot of potential and we should be having a lot of success right now, but we aren’t. All we have in our area is a bunch of eternigators who cannot progress. It’s really, really frustrating and discouraging. It’s been a really depressing week. I don’t know, there’s just not a lot going on right now and when that happens, I get discouraged, and then unmotivated, and then I think about the things I don’t like about being a missionary, then I get depressed, etc. It’s a really crummy cycle that just keeps spiraling around and I’m ready for it to end.

Anyway, here’s hoping that this week becomes better. Hope that all goes well for all of you guys and that you have a great week!

Love, Elder Foxx

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