Week 70; March 9, 2015: Knocking doors

I wish I could say there was a lot that happened this week, but I really don’t have a whole lot to say. Things are still going slow. We had another lesson with Liz this week. We just taught about the Ten Commandments and other commandments such as praying often and scripture study. Work is still the same. She approached her boss and she still doesn’t have a choice in the matter of work schedule. So that’s really frustrating. We were going to teach her about fasting, but then we found out that she’s pregnant… sooo can’t exactly do that lol

We invited her to have the whole family go to the Mesa Visitor’s Center on Saturday and everything was set up and then she had to cancel Friday night… so that was frustrating.

That’s pretty much been the past few days… or the past few weeks… or the past few months… lots of cancellations and just not a whole lot going on.

We spent quite a bit of time this week just knocking doors. President Nattress asked a couple months ago that we make sure that we keep track and knock at least 10 doors a day (doors meaning part-member families, less-active families, or nonmembers’ doors that we are knocking on for the first time or tracting) And so I just don’t know what else to do anymore, so we spent a good chunk of time just knocking doors and tracted quite a few areas. I absolutely despise tracting and think that it’s one of the biggest wastes of time because they usually don’t lead anywhere. Haven’t found any success in doing this, but the Mission President asked that we do this, so I’m hoping success will come of it.

I hope that all of you have a great week and know that I love and appreciate you and your encouragement!

Elder Foxx


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