Week 75; April 13, 2015: The Importance of Member Involvement

So this week has been pretty interesting.

We’ve had quite a few teaching opportunities this week which is good. We got to teach Leslie again and he came to church – this time staying all three hours, so he was able to meet more members of the ward that way, which is good. He also went to the “Break the Fast” activity afterwards, which is great. We extended the date of May 2nd for Leslie to be Baptized, so that’ll be exciting. Really hoping he can get decent fellowship before then though, because he’ll need more friends he’s close with besides just the missionaries…

Other than that, we have been visiting with a few recent-converts, less-actives, or investigators we’ve been working with. Statistically, we’ve been doing pretty good teaching-wise… except for the amount of member-present lessons we’ve been having. That’s been a bit of an issue. We’re trying to get the members more involved in the ward and it’s been tougher than I thought it would be. This area has so much potential. It already does good by itself, but if we can get the members more involved too, this area would explode. There’s a reason why the prophets and apostles and general authorities always emphasize member missionary work.

Anyway, don’t have a whole lot else specific to say. I got sick on Thursday which wasn’t too fun. My allergies have really been getting to me lately. Hopefully it’ll pass soon as spring rolls its way out.

Hope that you guys all have a great week!

Elder Foxx


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