Week 76; April 20, 2015: Getting to Know the New Ward

So this week was interesting. We had another lesson with Leslie, this time teaching the 10 commandments. He’s still doing great, although we had to push the baptismal date. Not because he’s not ready for it or anything like that, but we just found out that Father’s and Son’s is May 2nd and so practically the entire ward will be gone, including Bishop (who Leslie wants to baptize him) and then there’s another activity going on May 9th in which a lot of people will be gone. So now it’s delayed to May 16th… which while I’m not too terribly happy we have to push it that far away, I think it’ll work out for the best. It gives more time for him to get to become more acquainted and fellowshipped with the ward and everything and just with a bunch of stuff that has been going on with the ward lately, Elder Conover and I really feel that this is the best day given the circumstances. We’re really hoping that the ward seeing a convert baptism again will help out with the work in the area.

Most of this week has consisted of just trying to get to know more members of the ward and get to know them better and offer them service and things like that. We have a few other investigators and less-actives we’re trying to work with, but a lot of people have been out of town lately, so that’s kind of been frustrating. There is one less-active recent-convert who’s pretty nice to work with as far as teaching because everytime we set up an appointment, we always ask, “What time do you think would work best?” and the guy would always respond, “Tomorrow?” And we’ll just happily say yes, haha!

Apart from that, nothing too exciting has gone on. I’ve been hitting a few days of just not feeling well though, so that hasn’t been fun. Might be suffering from heat exhaustion, not sure. But it’s been kind of rough this week, haven’t been feeling the best in that regard. Hopefully things get better.

I hope that you guys all have a great week this week and know that I love and appreciate you all and hope for the best!

Love, Elder Foxx


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