Week 78; May 4, 2015: Something Going Around

Not a whole lot ended up happening this week. We had a lot of sick days. Friday and Sunday, everyone in the house except for Elder Conover was sick and had to stay in, so that sucked. Lots of throwing up… I think there’s just something spreading around because a couple other missionaries were previously sick and so were a few people in the area that we’ve stopped by… Everyone feels fine now, so hopefully all will go well.

On Tuesday afternoon, we went to an investigator – Ms. Meadows home and pulled weeds in the backyard. She is a school teacher and a LOT of kids from the ward either have her as a teacher or have had her as a teacher at one point, so she has lots of connections. She’s been meeting with missionaries for a while, but hopefully we can get her pushed into the right direction. She had to leave shortly after we were finished, so we didn’t get to share much, but just from some of the things she is saying, we can tell that the spirit is working with her.

Wednesday was zone conference, which included the Bella Vista zone (our zone), Ironwood zone, San Tan zone, Queen Creek zone, and Florence zone. Pretty much the South-East half of the mission. A lot of it focused on goal setting and having a set vision. President talked about making sure that we have a “30 Day Plan,” “60 Day Plan,” and “90 Day Plan” for people in our area that can be prepared for Baptism, so that way we have a vision and know how to set goals and make plans to continually find and teach new investigators.

They also hinted at a new program that the church is introducing into the mission. Pretty much “Adjusting to life back home” is what it is. When you enter the mission, you go through this 12-week training process of “Adjusting to Missionary Life.” And now apparently they’re going to start doing something like that for your last 12 weeks of your mission to adjusting back to life outside of the mission. Which is actually pretty funny because it’s something that I’ve joked about being a thing for months and months and now it legitimately is actually about to be a thing. Now idea how it’s going to work, they didn’t really talk about that. My guess is that it’ll be about setting goals for school, work, and also how to keep up good habits that we’ve built in the mission to keep us centered in the Gospel. That’s just my guess, we’ll see what happens.

Wednesday evening, we had another lesson with Leslie and he’s still right on track. We taught him about Fasting, Tithing, and Fast Offerings and he has no issues with any of those commandments, so that’s pretty cool. He’s super easy to teach, it’s pretty nice, but also a little weird. I’m always used to coming across a concern of some sorts, but lessons with him is literally just teach the doctrine, promise blessings, give commitment, ask if they have any questions, end with prayer.

And that’s pretty much the sum of what went on this week. Hopefully none of us get sick again. Transfers will happen in about a week from now. I’m not expecting anything too big, but you never really know with transfers so we’ll see.

Hope you all have a great week!

Love, Elder Foxx


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