Week 82; June 1, 2015: Small World

Hello everyone!

So this has been a bit of an interesting week. So last week, we had Leslie Gatlin’s baptism and everything and it went really well and President Nattress even shows up at the Baptism and shares some remarks. Well, exactly a week ago on Monday night, we get a phone call from President Nattress. And he says that he didn’t realize it while he was at the Baptism, but his son actually goes to the same school as Leslie’s sister who is about to be a Senior and they know each other. So President said he’d like him and his son to be a part of the lessons and be a part of teaching the whole family and maybe sometime in the future, even have a couple lessons at the mission home.

…Well, you don’t get that phone call everyday, that’s for sure. So now we have our Mission President wanting to be a fellowship for this family. That’s pretty crazy to think! We’re still trying to work everything out, but that’s going to be really interesting.

For the most part throughout the week has been a bit of a struggle with having doors open up. And it doesn’t help much with the heat turning up, haha. Summer’s now starting to kick in again. It’s funny, we live with a missionary who’s pretty green (been out for three months) and so this is his first time going through an Arizona summer and he is MISERABLE. We keep having to break it to him that this isn’t even the hottest it gets.

We did have a few less-active visits. Some going better than others. We also have one investigator who hasn’t been progressing a whole lot, but is now interested in seeing “Meet the Mormons” at the Mesa Visitor’s Center, so we’re planning on going to that this week. That’s pretty exciting.

On Sunday, Leslie Gatlin had received the Aaronic Priesthood and has been ordained to the office of Priest. He’s going down the fast track! Hopefully we can start giving him opportunities to use that Priesthood such as blessing and passing the sacrament. What also is cool is that if we start getting the rest of the family going, Leslie can now actually Baptize them himself. That would be really cool. But the next immediate step is getting him a Temple Recommend to start doing some Baptisms for the Dead.

Anyway, that’s pretty much what’s been going on here. Hope that you all have a great week!

Love, Elder Foxx


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