Week 84; June 15, 2015: Two New Investigators

It’s been a bit of an interesting week. There were a lot of slow days and lots of appointments have been cancelling and things like that, so it’s been a little discouraging for quite a bit of it. A lot of the less-active miracles we saw last week didn’t necessarily happen this week. In fact, this Sunday was probably the least attended when it came to less-actives and investigators and recent-converts… shoot, even just regular active members too.

Although it was kind of a weird Sunday for less-actives, recent-converts, and investigators to come to anyway. They made a lot of switch-ups around and released both the 1st and 2nd Counselors of the Bishopric and the 1st Counselor became the new Young Men’s President, the Elders Quorum President got released and became the 1st Counselor and the Assistant Ward Mission Leader became the 2nd Counselor… and as for now, we still don’t have a new Elders Quorum President. And so a lot of the Sacrament meeting was the releasing and sustaining of callings and then the previous Counselor in the bishopric and the new Counselor in the bishopric and the stake president giving talks about these callings. Soooo yeah, that was quite the surprise.

We did have a pretty cool miracle though. We now got two new investigators. They live in the same street as us just down the road and they were just found through typical street contacting. Bob and Arianna are a younger couple and at first when talking, they were interested in what the Temple was all about. So we shared the Temple Presentation and Elder Conover felt impressed to talk in detail about how families can be together forever through the sealing ordinance and they really liked it. Bob asked what makes us different from any other church like the Catholic church. So we talked about the Priesthood authority and how it was restored and taught a little bit about the Restoration and then gave them a Book of Mormon. They said they’d read and pray about it and that they’d do it with an open mind. And after asking, “When you come to know these things are true, will you be Baptized?” they said yes. So they seem pretty solid. And it’s cool because they live literally right nextdoor to a member of the Elders Quorum Presidency, they live just down the street from where we live, the next street over from the Relief Society President, and about two to three other active members that I can think of, so this makes things really convenient.

But anyway, that’s kind of the basic jist of what’s happened this week. Miracles still coming, which is great! This is the last week of the transfer though, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens. Exactly a week from today, we’ll know what’s going on, so I’ll be sure to let you all know.

Anyway, hope you all have a great day and God bless!

Love, Elder Foxx

If you missed the video of Elder Foxx’s traditional pants burning video, click here.

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