Week 86; June 29, 2015: Full Circle

So this was pretty interesting. Transfers happened and I am now with Elder Grayson who has been out for 16 months and is from Sammamish, Washington. And I am back in the Desert Ridge zone over in Mesa. We cover the Desert Valley ward and the Santa Rita ward, the same ward Elder Bailey and I covered when I was just three months out. Oh, and we live in the Persimmon house… Again.

It is a little odd being here again, especially in Santa Rita ward and in the Persimmon house. It has been over 15 months since I was last here, so I can see just how much things have changed and how much things have stayed the same. One of the things that has stayed the same is that the work is a little slow still. It is just difficult because this area is on the edge of the mission and so some people who may be interested end up usually being outside the mission. Still, there are a few potentials to work with and the members are pretty missionary minded overall, so it is not like the area is completely dead or anything like that.

It is still Summer though, haha… Pretty hot, nobody outside and a lot of times most people are not home either, so it is still slow in that regard. I forgot how bad summers were here when it came to missionary work. Ah well. This too shall pass.

Nothing particularly exciting happened except on Saturday morning, the stake was putting on this family history festival and asked a bunch of missionaries to be involved in helping out. I don’t feel like we really helped that much… We were kind of just there for the sake of being there and if anyone had questions we were to help… But it was fun nonetheless, so there’s that.

Then today this morning on P-Day, we celebrated the Arizona Gilbert Mission’s 2-Year Anniversary. Just like last year, we played water games and competitions and stuff like that. And then this Wednesday July 1 on the day the mission itself was created, we will all do a session at the Temple and have a general authority speak to us. It was weird today though… Even transfer meeting was weird… I look around at the missionaries and I hardly recognize anyone anymore. Most of the missionaries I have known are “dead” and even more will be “dead” in 5 weeks… That is soooo weird.

Anyway, all is well. Hope you all have a great week and have a Happy 4th of July!!! God Bless America!

Love, Elder Foxx

Elder Sites, Jack Rhodes, %22Mama Rhodes,%22 Elder Foxx

Elder Sites, Jack Rhodes, “Mama Rhodes,” Elder Foxx


With Wesley Esparza


Last Lesson with Leslie


Elder Conover ran over a dead snake with his bike without even realizing it.


Part 1 of snake…


Part 2 of snake…


2 year mission celebration


Water Games


2 year mission celebration


Bella Vista Zone Front: Sister Bleak, Sister Bullilan, Elder Faber, Elder Ficklin, Elder Smith, Elder VanSkyhawk Back: Elder Foxx, Elder Throckmorton, Elder Conover, Elder Brenneman, Sister and Elder Catmull


June Transfer Day


Gilbert Mission


Elder Foxx with new companion Elder Grayson


Elder Foxx and Elder Grayson


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