Week 90; July 27; 2015: Thanks for the B-day Wishes!


Summer is almost halfway over… and soon we will enter into August… and then just enduring through August and all will be well!

Anyway, so last week was good! We had another lesson with Christopher and this time it was about Temples in general. The ordinances in the temple performed both for the living and the dead as well as a big emphasis on the Sealing ordinance since that is what he and his fiance should be setting a goal towards. The lesson was received very well and it was revealed that this has been something he and his fiance have talked about before and they very much are setting this goal to get sealed when they are able to, so that’s good.

Wednesday, we had FHE hosted by a Senior couple in the mission. Just kind of another typical FHE of the spiritual thought, games, etc. So that was fun. And at the end of the night, we finally got in with an investigator we have been trying to get into for the longest time but due to health problems haven’t been able to. It ended up being a 2-hour conversation, but in the end he’s going the right direction. He’s an older man named Ken who is a Mason. So that’s been interesting. A lot of the conversation was him kind of monologing, haha, but it was good. Experiences in the past have finally helped him realize that there is something to this Gospel and to this church. Particularly when he was in the Gilbert Temple Open-House and in the celestial room, he felt something that overcame him and he could not describe what it was. It was so foreign to him and he knew that it wasn’t just a reaction in his body or anything like that, but that there was something very real being felt there. He’s a very interesting man, but he seems to be a lot more open than in the past, it seems. Conversations with him are interesting, but we should be able to meet more regularly.

Those have kind of been the big sum-ups of a lot of what has happened. My companion hasn’t been feeling too good, so not a whole lot has been able to happen. Nonetheless, things are going well.

Thanks to everyone for the Birthday wishes! I really appreciate it! I am now 21! So now I can legally do all things that mormons wouldn’t do anyway. YAAAY!!!

Anyway, I hope you all have a great week!

Love, Elder Foxx

P.S. My release date will be on December 8th. Just so you know when officially it is.


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