Week 91; August 3, 2015: The Joys of Biking It

So last Monday night, we had an appointment set up for us by a member of the Bishopric to visit this part-member family. It is a young family who has a 7-month old daughter and a boy on the way. The father has been a member all his life but went inactive since he was 17 and his wife isn’t a member and they are currently attending a non-denominational christian church. So not really sure where to go (we weren’t given much information about this situation at all), we get to know them a little bit and their background and then ask to share the “Because He Lives” video. Right as we get the DVD in the laptop to watch, somehow the Book of Mormon came out and he said, “Yeah, she doesn’t like the Book of Mormon,” haha. Then we spent a lot of time talking about the Book of Mormon and resolving some concerns she had such as the typically thrown at us scripture found in Revelation 22 and Deuteronomy 4, why we need the Book of Mormon if we already have the Bible, what the difference is between the Bible and the Book of Mormon, what’s similar, etc. We were getting a little worried because at the beginning of the conversation, it sounded like it could have gone really sour really fast, but it went okay. Anyway, so after a long conversation and then we watched Because He Lives and they liked the video. We set another appointment for the following Monday (today) at 6:30 and left them with a Book of Mormon they could read and suddenly she seemed a little more open to at least give it a try… although she did give the concern about not being able to understand the language of the Book of Mormon or the regular Bible and that’s why she prefers the modern-day English translation. She asked if there was one for the Book of Mormon and we said, “Well… there’s a Children’s Book of Mormon with pictures in it” lol, “Well, that’s sad” her response was.

Anyway, so then we met with Ken Hart a couple days later… and it’s tough teaching Ken just because he is quite the talker. So getting a conversation focused on just one single topic without going off into the weeds is pretty tough. So we had an appointment with him at 2:30 in the afternoon and then we had an appointment with Brian at 4:00. Ken is in one end of the area in Desert Valley ward and Brian is all the way over in Santa Rita ward. So they are on the completely opposite ends of the area back to back, so it would be a long bike ride. So we were worried about getting the lesson short enough. And so basically I told Ken that we needed to leave at 3:00 – the theory being that if we tell him we need to leave at 3:00, we’d actually leave at about 3:30, haha. And that’s pretty much what happened. And we weren’t able to get much teaching in it at all and towards the end, I said (for the 3rd time) “We do need to get going, but something I think would be good is that in the lessons if we keep them focused on just one topic. Because in the Gospel, it’s easy to kind of go all over the place because there’s a lot to talk about – but if we focus on just one topic, we can learn all we can about that one subject.” He agreed and got a piece of paper and wrote down the subject of the next lesson, which would be “Prophets.” Anyway, so we get out of there at about 3:35 and we just BOOK IT all the way to Ken’s home. And it was a terrible bike ride because the wind kept blowing against us the entire ride over there, it was ridiculous. And so finally we get there – tired and exhausted – but we make it exactly at 4:00. Then we knock on the door… and nobody’s home. DANGNABIT! I was so mad, haha. We give him a call and eventually he calls back and explains that he had a sudden work schedule change and forgot to tell us. Oh man… I can’t help but laugh at it now, but I was furious when it happened.

We also had a lesson with Christopher this week. It was a pretty basic lesson. Just on keeping the 10 commandments with an emphasis on the Sabbath Day and the Sacrament. Nothing too exciting to say about it, the lessons are kind of standard now, lol. The only thing that sucked though was that after we taught this lesson, yesterday was the first Sunday that I’ve been in this area and he DIDN’T come to church. What? That’s kind of backwards.

Anyway, transfer calls came… aaaaaaaaaand we’re getting white-washed!

…Nah, I’m just kidding, we’re both staying. Got another six weeks down here, so that’s good. Anyway, that’s the biggest update I’ve got for this week. Hope you all have a great week and God Bless!

Elder Foxx
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