Week 92; August 10, 2015: Keeping Busy

So Wednesday was Transfers! Elder Schroder (Lindon, Utah) who lived with us got transferred and now we have Elder Martin (Tooele, Utah) living with us. And one of the Sister missionaries in the other District got transferred and the Sister missionary in our District finished her mission. But overall, the Desert Ridge zone remained untouched.

After transfer meeting, we had dinner with a family that grew up in Columbia. Devon Ridd (Santa Rita ward bishop’s son who returned from a mission) came as well since he spoke Spanish. This family has a niece visiting from Columbia and will be staying here until December. She is not a member of the church and speaks very little English. After dinner, we shared “Because He Lives” in Spanish and the lesson was very interesting because we were talking and then the family would have to translate from English to Spanish to her and then translate her from Spanish to English to us. So that was interesting. We asked if she would like to take the lessons and she said yes. We then asked if she would like to be taught by the Spanish missionaries and she said no because it would give her an excuse to learn English better. We also found out she attended Singles ward and plans on regularly attending there.

So after that, we were kind of in a battle over what to do because if she’s already going to the Singles Ward, it makes a lot more sense to have the Singles Ward missionaries teach her, but then neither of those Elders speak or understand Spanish and as much as she said she’s fine with just English, the lessons would benefit her a lot more if there was at least someone in there who spoke Spanish. So I would rather just have it go to the Spanish missionaries, but it was just getting weird. But then all of a sudden we remembered that the singles ward is now co-covered by both the Elders and the Sisters. And Sister Bacon’s new companion as of that very day is Sister Hanson, who just came from Spanish-speaking. So that works out perfectly.

Then after dinner, we got a random text from an investigator we’ve been trying all of last transfer to get in with asking if we had time to come by. So we quickly rush over there and get in the home and it was a really great visit. We were able to see how things have been going, if he’s been able to read the Book of Mormon, questions he’s had about the church, etc. We talked about a lot of different things and somehow got into the subject about how he thought it was weird growing up and seeing other churches that believe in the Bible bash at each other, which was a perfect tie-in to the story of Joseph Smith’s youth which would like to the Restoration of the Gospel from God the Father and Jesus Christ to the Prophet Joseph and a clearer explanation of why it is so important to find out if the Book of Mormon is true. We have another lesson set for tonight, so that should be good.

Thursday we had dinner with a family who was also had someone living with them who is not a member of the church. His name is Quinn and he is 16 and in High School, and because of different circumstances will now be under guardianship by his aunt and uncle. And so he will be attending church with the rest of the family and we’ll be teaching him the lessons, so that should be good.

Friday was interesting just because of the sudden storm that happened. We were out in our bikes throughout the entire time and couldn’t get to someone actually at home until way later in the evening, so we were biking through the storm. And MAN was that a storm! The streets were nearly flooded with about a foot of rain and there was lightning and thundering going on all around us. It was like riding down a water slide at Wet N’ Wild or something, but with missionary clothing and bikes. There were a lot of cool lightning strikes that lit up the entire scenery. I only managed to record a little bit of it and even then it didn’t do it justice AT ALL and I was only able to record it when the rain was at a much calmer pace. This is why missionaries need Go-Pro’s whenever they bike. I’d have a lot of awesome footage!

Saturday was pretty much shot-down. We were doing service for a lady in our room-mates area helping her move from one home to a brand new home in a new housing development called Mulberry. Aaaaaand that’s pretty much all we did all day yesterday. From 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. Shower, get dressed to pros in order to get to dinner appointment. Rush back after appointment, get dressed and then rush back to service and did that until 8:30 PM. By the end of it, we did a total of 10 hours worth of service. It was insaaaane! I was completely dead by the time Sunday rolled around.

So yeah, it’s been a pretty busy week. Which is obviously good, but man… those nights when I lay my head on that pillow and I swear that not even two minutes passes by and it’s already 6:30 AM…… Getting a lot of those this past week.  *sigh* Anyway, it’s been good though. Lots of good stuff happening.

Hope that everything goes well for all of you and you all have a great week! God Bless!

Love, Elder Foxx


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