Week 94: August 24, 2015: 75 Degrees Never Felt So Good!

Well, the hot August month continues on… I’m ready for this transfer to be over. Because once this transfer is over, the weather will start cooling down again. Just a few more weeks.

So last Saturday, they checked the air conditioner and found out that the Compressor was broken so they wouldn’t be able to get it replaced until Monday or Tuesday. So Saturday night we started living with a member in the Highland Ridge ward (the one Elders Spencer and Martin cover) named Brother Frandsen, who used to house missionaries a while ago.

So we stayed over there for quite a while. It was fun, but it made it a lot harder to be productive because we would constantly need to go back to our real house to get stuff (we didn’t want to pack everything in the house and do a full-out move for just a couple-days-stay), so it was a little frustrating. We would go back to the house to see it still at 97-99 degrees… So the AC is supposed to get fixed either Monday or Tuesday. Well, Monday rolls on by and we don’t hear anything. Then Tuesday rolls by and we don’t hear anything, so we call them and they said they wouldn’t get it fixed until Wednesday or Thursday. I was getting a little irritated, but thankfully it did get fixed on Wednesday rather than Thursday. So we walk back into our normal house to a welcoming 75 degrees. Let me tell you, 75 degrees has NEVER felt so good!

We had a lesson with Christopher that was pretty basic. We had the movie “On the Lord’s Errand: The Life of Thomas S. Monson” and watched that and bore testimony about the current-day Prophet, which was good. He really enjoyed it.

We were also able to meet with Ken again, which is good. Visits with him are so very interesting because of previously stated reasons. The lesson went all over the place, starting with talks of wars and rumors of wars which then led to talks on the Second Coming, which then led to the Book of Mormon, which then led to church attendance, which then led to Temples, which then led to the Holy Ghost, which led back to church attendance. And some small-talk in between it all that would come up. It was an interesting visit. For the first time at the end of the lesson though, he committed to coming to church… and then he texts us Sunday morning saying he had a rough night last night and wouldn’t be able to attend. So that was frustrating.

But it’s been an interesting week. Not a whole lot got to really happen. Thankfully the AC is back up and running again, so all is well in that regards.

Hope you all have a great week! Stay cool!

Love, Elder Foxx

Frandsen Home

Elder Grayson, Elder Foxx, Elder Martin, Elder Spencer, Brother Frandsen

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