Week 99: September 28, 2015: A Good Week Overall

So this has been a very interesting week. Overall, it’s been good. A little stressful in some areas, but overall everything is good.

Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty much shot because Elder Sites had to have foot surgery on Tuesday (he had a surgery to remove an ingrown toenail last week and this appointment was them killing the root so it doesn’t grow back), so Tuesday and Wednesday he was a little out of commission. On Wednesday, Elder Grayson’s new companion – Elder Barr was sick and they had a lesson that day, so Elder Grayson and I went on exchanges. So that was kind of funny. We only get away from being companions for a week and then the dynamic duo is back again for a day, lol! So we taught another lesson with Quinn that morning and did a few other things throughout the day. It was funny because a lot of members were thinking, “I thought you got transferred.” And I’d have to explain that I did, but that I just got transferred to the Madero and Desert Ridge wards and that we are just on exchanges, haha. So that’s kind of funny.

Thursday, Elder Sites and I were able to work all day, which was good. It started off as kind of a slower day (mornings until about 2-3ish are usually rough) but something cool happened. So we had been told by another member about someone in the ward that recently had surgery and it would be good for us to stop by for support to see how they are doing. And for some odd reason, my mind kept mixing up the name of this family with the name of another family in the ward. So we stop by this other family named the Arrington’s and find out very quickly this wasn’t the family that I thought it was. But we stopped by and come to find out that they are finalizing the process of adopting four girls – all of which are between the ages of 9 and 13 and so they want us to come over every Monday evening (starting October 5th) to teach them all the lessons and then have them baptized in November and then sealed to the parents about a week after that.

So that’s pretty cool! I never thought that mixing up the names of people we were planning on stopping by could ever be anything close to inspired, haha. So we are pretty much guaranteed to see four people get baptized in November.

Then there is also another lady named Sandra who has been coming to church pretty regularly for a couple months with her kids. None of them are members of the church. It started with a member in the ward who works with her invited her to church and she had been coming regularly ever since. However, she has held off on taking the missionary lessons for some reason or another. So time passes by and she’s been very active, her kids have actively come both to church and activities such as mutual and have enjoyed it… but for some reason there was hesitance in taking the lessons.

Now one of the things I love about the Madero ward is how well they have been able to utilize the ward missionaries they have. What they have done is that they have had two of the sisters in the ward that are ward missionaries go to have visits with Sandra to give her a small idea of what the missionary lessons will be like – by talking various Gospel conversations. On Thursday we were informed that the last visit they had with her went very well – they talked about various different topics (such as what the church’s stance was of the “rapture”) and they talked and explained how a lot of their questions could be answered in the lesson called the plan of salvation – which is a lesson that the full-time missionaries teach and she seemed to open up. So we got the green light to approach her on Sunday and talk to her (before we were not).

And so we talked on Sunday and later that night, we got some perspective on what exactly happened throughout that day. So we talked to her right after Gospel Principles class (and the lesson was on “Missionary work,” haha). So first off, it turns out that that morning, one of the members invited her over to have family home evening on September 28 – today. Then she takes Gospel Principles class and it’s all about missionary work. Then we approach her and get a time set up to have a lesson Tuesday evening. Then immediately after, another member invited her and us to come over to her place to watch the Sunday afternoon session of General Conference. So in retrospective, she had been slammed with tons of invites, which is kind of funny – but it’s really cool. So we are going to see her tonight for F.H.E., tomorrow for a lesson, and then Sunday for General Conference. So she’ll be seeing the missionaries quite a bit this week, haha. So that should be good.

So yeah, that is this week in a nutshell. Anyway, things are going well here. Hope you all have a great week and God bless!

Love, Elder Foxx


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