Week 101: October 12, 2015: Teaching and Carving Pumpkins

So Monday evening, we taught our first lesson with the four little girls that the Arrington’s are adopting. It was a little different teaching it this way because we essentially taught the entire family (which consists of about 8 adopted children, 1 child by blood, and two parents, so it was a full house) so it was more like teaching a lesson in primary or something and just having the kids raise their hands and answer a bunch of different questions and teaching using the pictures on the pamphlets we had. So that was fun.

Tuesday, we had another lesson with Sandra. And that morning, I just felt prompted that we needed to teach The Gospel of Jesus Christ (being that through Christ we can be cleansed from sin, living the principles of Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End) It was interesting because it was over an hour long lesson and we only covered really Faith and Repentance, which is unusual from my experience because I feel it is usually the quickest lesson we go through. But there were just a lot of interesting conversations and there were a couple of concerns that she was having. One of them being her current living situation (she is living with her fiancé but they are not yet married and there is currently no exact marriage date yet), which she actually brought up to us because apparently she had heard that from another member that she couldn’t get Baptized until that happens. So then she’s talking about how now that she knows that, she is feeling all this guilt, but at the same time with their current situation, it’s not the most logical or easiest thing to just suddenly change the living situation, and so she’s been really frustrated with that. So that’s been interesting. It’s kind of a tough situation. On the bright side, she said that her prayers have been getting better and that she feels more comfortable with praying, so a lot of the difficulty is hopping over that obstacle.

We had F.H.A. on Wednesday at the Catmull’s, which is always fun. Nothing too particular to say about that.

Other than that, it was kind of a “meh” week overall. I don’t really know why. Nothing really hard or terrible has happened, there’s just been this mood in the air of just feeling very… “meh.” It’s weird. Halloween’s coming up soon, which is strange to think about. We’re starting to see all the decorations come up both inside the houses and outside, so that’s cool to see. This morning for P-Day, we gathered together at a member’s home and carved pumpkins, so that was fun.

But yeah, that’s kind of all I have to say about this week. Hope that you all have a wonderful week!

Love, Elder Foxx


Elder Foxx, Jacob Boyd, Elder Conover, Elder Martin, Elder Grayson, Elder Shively, Elder Sites, Elder Barr, Elder Mauclair, Sister Bacon, Sister Cowan, Sister Rigby, Sister Wells


The line of Pumpkins


My Pumpkin (The Triforce from Zelda) #rushed #Pumpkingutswouldn’tgetout


The line of Pumpkins


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