Week 102: October 19, 2015: Lots of Rain!

Well, we got ourselves three straight days of rain the past few days! I’m thinking the warmth of Arizona is finally ending! Yaaaaay!

So Monday evening, we taught another lesson with the Arrington’s adopted girls and taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That was fun. We stopped by the Arrington’s a few days later to ask them about a part-member family we heard about in the other ward they cover that apparently had association with them and as we met, we discovered that one of the four girls just went to another family. So now it is only three that we are teaching, which is a little disappointing. It was crazy to hear just where these girls have come from and the experiences they’ve had growing up. It’s a miracle they are as stable as they are (and they ARE pretty normal) with half the stuff they went through. So that’s quite a miracle for them just to be able to be here in a good home with a good family where the Gospel is present. That’s huge.

Tuesday and Thursday we had lessons with Sandra and her kids. Tuesday, we finally finished the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the principles and ordinances of Baptism, Receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End. Both these lessons were in another’s member’s home – just trying to get the ward involved, which has been really cool to see it all work out. We taught the first half of the Plan of Salvation on Thursday (which was planned – I knew well ahead of time that we wouldn’t have much time to teach anything beyond the first half, haha). It’s been interesting because we’re trying to find a balance of being able to teach all three of them – her and her kids on an equal basis. Her 14-year old daughter is struggling with even developing a faith in God to begin with, so that’s something we’re trying to overcome and so we’re trying to get more and more of the girls her age out to the lessons. We should be having the next lesson this upcoming Tuesday in a member’s home – which members were the ma and pa for the daughter’s group in Trek the previous week (and the kids’ age match up perfectly too – a 17-year old boy, 14 year old daughter and 11-year old boy), so hoping that will help.

And of course, yesterday, Saturday, and Friday it rained each day. Sunday night in particular it rained HARD over here, it was crazy. Hoping that this tri-fecta of rain will keep the area finally cool and it can start feeling like winter is actually coming.

The spirit of Halloween is now all around! It’s crazy to think that’s just over a week and a half. And transfer calls are next week. Now that’s weird to think. Time’s just been flying. I feel like I’ve only been in this area for three weeks or something, it’s just crazy. I’m not anticipating anything for transfer calls, but we’ll see.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Love, Elder Foxx


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