Week 104: November 2, 2015: Officially the Oldest and Longest Out

Halloween has now passed and November is here. Next up is Thanksgiving and time for more craziness and hecticness in everyone’s lives.

Our week was interesting. Monday evening, we taught the Arrington’s the Law of Chastity and Word of Wisdom. Tuesday we had another lesson with Sandra, Makayla, and Abel… and it was interesting. I dunno, we’re kind of just at the point where I had been struggling that entire day just figuring out what to really teach because while there are other lessons about commandments to teach and things like that, I was trying to figure out what we could do to help them in their circumstance. It’s been tough. So I felt the lesson was really rough just trying to figure out really where to go with it. We had a lesson planned out, but it didn’t really come out… in the end, we commited them to fast this fast Sunday for something they personally feel they need help from God with. But I dunno… I just felt the lesson wasn’t all that great.

Wednesday was Transfer meeting and so that pretty much took up all day. It wasn’t until that morning at 9:00 AM that they finally told Elder Grayson if he was being transferred or not (which is ridiculous since the meeting starts at 11 AM). So they finally informed him and he is staying. So there’s that. Gotta say though that meeting was weird. I am officially the oldest (longest out in the mission) missionary in the Arizona Gilbert Mission. The group that I came out with back in November are all home.

Thursday evening, we had a couple things happen. At 6PM we had Desert Ridge ward’s Fall Festival activity. It had a decent turn-out, but nothing too spectacular like I was expecting. Thursday in the day it rained pretty hard and then in the evening around 6:50 or so it started to rain and so everyone had to evacuate the chilli and goodies inside the building.

Then 7PM, Christopher Burke got Baptized! YAAAY!!! It’s been a LONG time waiting! It was a really good Baptism. Elder Grayson, Elder Carpenter, and myself got up and bore our testimonies on Baptism for the “Talk on Baptism.” Brother Evans (Katelynn’s father) did the Baptism and Bishop Peel and brother Donaldson were the witnesses. But seriously, I was so glad to finally see this happen!

Friday evening was Madero ward’s Trunk-or-Treat. And it was kind of the same thing with the attendance at Desert Ridge’s activity. Not too bad, but nothing too spectacular either. Still, it was good, it was fun.

Then Saturday was Halloween. So similarly to last year’s Halloween, they had us over at the Gilbert Temple in the evening and we were specifically told not to proselyte. I mean, I guess going to the Temple for Halloween is fitting anyway. I mean, we feel the presense of the “Holy Ghost,” we are doing work “for the dead.” Seems to be rather fitting, haha!

But yeah, that’s the jist of what’s happened this past week. Now November is here and Elder Sites (from Chicago) is now freezing in this weather. Funny how there didn’t seem to be much of a transitioning period between the weather temperature.

Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful week and that with Thanksgiving approaching that you always ponder and think about what blessings you have been given and why you are thankful for them. God Bless!

Love, Elder Foxx

Jacob Boyd, Elder Grayson, Elder Foxx, Elder Carpenter, Christopher Burke

Jacob Boyd, Elder Grayson, Elder Foxx, Elder Carpenter, Christopher Burke

Elder Barr, Elder Grayson, Christopher Burke, Elder Foxx, Jacob Boyd

Elder Barr, Elder Grayson, Christopher Burke, Elder Foxx, Jacob Boyd

Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween Pumpkin


Trunk or Treat



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